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New TV Show for Diaram

Published:Thursday | August 27, 2015 | 6:57 PMCurtis Campbell
Saudicka Diaram

Local TV host/producer Saudicka Diaram has left CVM TV and is now taking her talent to Television Jamaica, where she now hosts and produces a new talk show called 'The Saudicka Diaram Show'. The show is aired on Saturdays at 6 p.m. and repeated on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m.

The producer says with her new show, she will be able to exercise more control over her creativity, and this is a plus where the business aspect of entertainment is concerned.

"I decided to go independent because I wanted to do more for my career, and the previous show didn't allow me to capitalise on all the ideas I had. Furthermore, it was a business move. I wanted to own my intellectual property rights, unlike the previous product that I created, but due to contractual obligations, I didn't own it. Therefore, I am now focused on building my legacy," she said.

Ownership important

According to Diaram, ownership is important to young minds, especially when they are ambitious. "We have to think long term about our earnings, and that is why it's important to own our work," she said.

Her previous show, 'D'Warp', had garnered its own fan base on local television, winning a few awards in the process. However, with a new product and a relatively different type of content, Diaram is faced with the task of capturing the attention of a new fan base. She believes it's a feat that is achievable with effective work ethics.

"I don't think followers are limited to any particular station. If they are fans, then they will follow you wherever you go. So far I have been getting a favourable feedback from persons and they are excited because I will now be positioned on a larger platform," she said.

Diaram also says social media will play a strong role in the show, as non-traditional media is rapidly positioning itself as a strong rival to the traditional. The show will also be syndicated to the Caribbean diaspora in an attempt to extend viewership.

"For a successful TV show, you need sponsors, and when you get those sponsors, you need to ensure that your product is reflective of what you initially bargained for. Also, you need to get a proper team so you stay ahead of the competition as it relates to trends among other issues," she added.

'The Saudicka Diaram Show' was recently launched at the Spades Lounge located on Phoenix Avenue in Kingston. Guest speakers were veteran television presenter and UWI lecturer Fae Ellington and media personality Clyde McKenzie. There were also performances from Bugle and Queen Ifrica.

The show will be sponsored by Dairy Industries.