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Pink Panther wins Sounds of Greatness battle

Published:Wednesday | September 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Guinness promotional girls light up the stage with their dancing in Alexandria, St Ann, last Saturday.
Interceptor's lead man whipping up the crowd.
A section of the crowd at Guinness Sounds of Greatness in Alexandria, St Ann, last Saturday.
Pink Panther

Last Saturday night saw Flava Unit, Pink Panther, Platinum Vibes and Interceptor battling in Alexandria, St Ann, in the third round of the 2015 Guinness Sounds of Greatness sound-system clash, hosted by Badda Bling from Di Unit.

Opener Platinum Vibes started shakily, due in part to technical issues. Though they finished strongly, it was clear, from the start, that it was not their night.

At the end of the first round, Platinum Vibes were given a lifeline in a play-off against Flava Unit, each sound required to play three songs, but failed to grab the opportunity.

Pink Panther, which followed Platinum Vibes, was strong in the first round. Interceptor proved it was not a one-man show and gave the 'Five-Star General' Panther a run for his money.

One of the judges, Tony Matterhorn, said whereas Pink Panther had the better intros, Interceptor played the best selections and had the biggest forward for the night.

Pink Panther played first in the second round and started in much the same way he began earlier but, with a deadly message, added, "Ah yah suh di clash start now! Mi a guh show yuh why dem call mi di general!"

He started with a Lukie D dub, which had the crowd in a frenzy. Then, playing in Bass Odyssey's hometown, he used an artiste from "just up di road" (at Stepney), Romaine Virgo, for a tribute to late Bass Odyssey selector, Squingy.

At the end of Pink Panther's 10 minutes, audience members were already declaring him the winner.

Flava Unit worked hard in their 10 minutes and came out looking good.

The war wasn't exactly over. Interceptor pulled the crowd in their corner with some unexpected gospel selections such as Hurry Up, and even some rock and roll, Yakety Yak and Hit the Road Jack.

Interceptor duly followed Pink Panther into the final round where it was dub-for-dub. Interceptor started this round, with Toots and the Maytals' 54-46. which failed to excite the crowd.

Pink Panther, using Barrington Levy's On the Telephone, got the crowd firmly in his corner. The issue was never in doubt after that.

In the end, Pink Panther won the authority that he started with, closing the show with Richie Stephens' version of A Change Is Gonna Come.