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Heineken continues its love affair with James Bond

Published:Monday | September 28, 2015 | 9:52 AM
Daniel Craig stars in the 90 second ad.
Zara Prassinot is featured in the Heineken Spectre commercial.

As the excitement and anticipation builds leading up to the worldwide release of the latest in the James Bond film franchise, Spectre, Heineken is rolling out a series of promotions and tie-ins. Heineken has all right to be eager to create added enthusiasm as this is its 17th year of a love affair that has continued to grow strong with the character and the movie.

Daniel Craig (as James Bond) features in an entertaining new TV commercial, 'The Chase', for Heineken's Bond campaign, which was shot last year. Heineken(r) is the only brand that has Daniel Craig in its Bond campaign and uses the same Spectre cinematographers and stuntmen for the spot. In the new TV commercial, Heineken is seamlessly integrated into a scene of James Bond in action. Bond, along with actress Zara Prassinot, feature in the 90-second clip that sees Bond being pursued by villains in a high-speed chase on water.


Through computer effects, Herve Villechaize, who played Nick Nack, an evil henchman from the 1974 film The Man with the Golden Gun, also makes a cameo in the ad. The campaign also includes two new limited-edition Heineken bottles and packaging that will boast the James Bond Spectre logo. Officially launched on September 22, the commercial has a sense of humour that we have come to enjoy from both Bond and Heineken.

"Bond represents qualities that Heineken(r) drinkers identify with and aspire to, including the ability to navigate an unpredictable world with style and confidence. James Bond has, in fact, enjoyed a beer in every one of the previous 23 films. Although he doesn't always drink beer, when he does, he drinks Heineken(r). You will see Bond comfortably enjoying a Heineken in a number of scenes in Spectre," said Rochelle Clarke, Heineken's country head for Jamaica.

"Building on the success of previous 007 activations, Heineken(r) is giving consumers the opportunity to immerse themselves in Bond's world like never before. In Jamaica, we are excited to announce that on November 3, we will host an exclusive pre-release screening of the movie for our loyal Heineken drinkers who are fans of James Bond," Clarke said.

Kicking off the campaign, the beer brand will host Bow Tie Day on Friday, October 2, where Heineken adorers can sport their best bow tie in recognition of James Bond. The day will culminate in a series of high-energy activations at select outlets.