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Artistes, producers willing to try EDM

Published:Friday | November 13, 2015 | 12:00 AMDavina Henry
DJ Sunshine.
Macka Diamond

Now that it has been confirmed that EDM (electronic dance music) originated in Jamaica and with a steady increase in the popularity of EDM parties and festivals locally, The Sunday Gleaner has sought to find out from artistes and producers if more of them would now be willing to branch out into the genre.

DJ Sunshine: I would consider producing EDM rhythms. For me, music has no colour. I don't set limits or boundaries on my creativity. I'm open to new ideas of expressions. I just let the music take me wherever. Given the fact that EDM was created in Jamaica, I would definitely explore the option of producing music with that flavour.

Macka Diamond: I think I did an EDM style song a few years ago, but if it's the new thing coming in, we have to work with the flow. We can't just stay back and flop. Music changes over time. Artistes have to keep up with what is going on. Mi fit inna everything. A me name water.

Stacious: I love EDM and the vibe and energy that come with it. I did an EDM track with a Swiss-based artiste called Fat Cat which we are currently promoting. I think a lot of music forms originate in Jamaica. We have influenced reggaeton, rap, hip-hop, etc. We are the mother of music.

CeCile: I didn't know that the origins of EDM could be traced back to Jamaica. That's actually very exciting to hear. I've always done EDM and I've performed at EDM festivals also. It's not new to me.

It's something that I've already done, been doing and will continue to do.

Seanizzle (producer) : I'm a lover of music. I enjoy every genre. If you listen to Bugle's Rasta Party, which I recently produced, there are traces of EDM in it. It's something I've been messing with a while now.