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Useful tips for road march today

Published:Thursday | March 31, 2016 | 12:23 PMShereita Grizzle
With water in hand and comfortable boots, this reveller was armed and ready to take on last year's Bacchanal Road March.

Today is Carnival Sunday, and as revellers get ready to hit the road for the final round of feting, The Sunday Gleaner has put together a list of helpful tips to get you prepared for the streets later.

1. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes. You will be walking long distances, so avoid getting sore feet on the road. Whether it will be boots, crocs or sneakers, maximise your road march experience by wearing comfortable footwear.

2. Don't forget your rag or handkerchief. It's Carnival, so you are expected to 'get something and wave' when you hear your favourite soca tunes. Don't be left out of the action by leaving your all-important waving material.

3. Remember to eat. As simple as it may sound, this one is very important. The crowd will be massive on the road today, and no one can march or whine on an empty stomach, so make sure you grab something to eat to sustain you while feting in the streets.

4. Wear carnival stockings. Many may be unaware of this little fact, but your costumes will fit better if you wear carnival stockings, and they look better, too.

5. Don't forget your armbands. There will be no entry without these, so make sure you take them with you.

6. Make sure you work-out. This goes without saying. If you want the perfectly toned body to show off during the march, you should have been exercising. Not only will you look good from the workouts, but you will also appreciate the stamina that you would have built from these sessions.

7. Drink responsibly. Please make sure that you consume your alcohol with caution, especially if you have to drive home when the excitement is over.

8. Book a make-up artiste from early. Your face has to be on fleek to compliment your costume. If you are going to do your make-up yourself make sure you practise. Play with your colours and find out what best suits you.

9. Remember to drink lots of water so that you stay hydrated on the road.

10. Carry a credit card instead of cash. It's safer.

Last but not least, don't forget to smile - photographers will be everywhere, and you will cherish the pictures you take on the march for a lifetime.