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A Mother's Influence

Celebrity Moms Practice What They Were Taught

Published:Thursday | May 5, 2016 | 1:30 PM
Rita Marley, widow of reggae superstar Bob Marley, and her two sons, Ziggy (left) and Stephen, attend Marley's funeral in Kingston, Jamaica, May 21, 1981.
Pashon Minott and her daughters Destiny (left) and Journey.
Entertainer Raine Seville and daughter Layla.

A Mother's Influence

"I got my parenting skills from my mother she is a good mother to me and even my kids. She has been a teacher for 35 years and she was always strict about education , that was her priority. When I wanted to branch off into music, following the footsteps of daddy (the late Sugar Minott), she did not really want me to make that choice. However, she still supported that move when she saw my passion. She taught me how to cook at age nine and I try to teach my daughters to cook ... but these children rather the quick foods. The day I got my first child is the when I really realised how much my mother loves me, and because of that affection, I feel the same towards my kids. So big up, Mama Elise."

- Pashon Minott.

"Growing up, my mother always made sure that we had a family structure (she) loved us and supported us. She instilled in us the importance of respect for others as well as to be confident and stand up for what we believe in. I have always created that same atmosphere for Layla, I always ensure that she has that family structure. If it is that she has a school concert, we all go out and support her, so she knows that the family love exists. I teach her to have respect for people but at the same time to be bold, fearless, and confident and that has a lot to do with what I was surrounded with as a child. I was always surrounded by love but at the same time my mother corrected me with my wrong doings. So even though I discipline Layla, I make sure she feels my love and I acknowledge that she is smart and beautiful and that helps with her confidence and makes her a happier child."

- Raine Seville.

"Blessings to all mothers and to the fathers who have had to be mothers, because there are some fathers out there who are also mothers. I was raised by my father (Papa Roy) and his sister. Everyday is Mother's Day. I was brought up by my aunt (Aunty Viola), I knew her as a mother. She taught me the song, Our Father, and in those days, it was a big tune. As a child, I entered my first competition with that song and I won. That was my first experience as an entertainer and it helped to start my career and with that, I have taught my kids and grand kids to have the impetus to sing if they have the talent."

- Rita Marley