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Life-changing moments - Musical fathers recall their first time

Musical Fathers Recall Their First Time

Published:Friday | June 17, 2016 | 12:00 AMDavina Henry
Tony Rebel
Boom Boom
Craig of Voicemail
Kevin of Voicemail


The majority of fathers today will tell you that becoming a father for the first time is something that is oftentimes not planned. The Sunday Gleaner decided to find out from a few fathers in the music business, what their reaction was like when they first heard the news that they were about to become a dad.

They responded to the following question:

What was your reaction when you first heard that you were going to be a father?


I Octane


"It was shocking. Me never really expect it. I always wanted to be a father, but when it actually happened, I was like 'wow'. It made me change up my life, I had a different perspective. I was no longer living for myself, I had someone else to live for."




"I was speechless. I experienced a lot of feelings on that moment, believe me. But, it was a wonderful feeling, especially because it was with somebody that I loved ... words can't even explain."


Kevin Blair (Voicemail):


"I don't even know how to adequately explain. It was more of a facial reaction. The whole ah the excitement was all over my face. It was extremely exciting. Don't think there's anything that can compare to that moment, except, of course, for the actual day my daughter was born."


Craig Jackson (Voicemail):


"I cried. I was extremely excited on getting that news. I was looking forward to being a father for quite some time. All things happen at the right time, so I was excited beyond words."


Boom Boom:


"I was worried when I first got the news. I was about 14, almost 15 (years old) and I was worried about if I had to drop out of school and start looking a job to take care of my child. But after I spoke to my Grandma about it, I was excited."


Bay C (TOK):


"I was lost for words. It was surreal. I was very, very pleasantly surprised."


Tony Rebel:


"First of all, I was excited and scared. I was also inspired and motivated. I knew that a child is coming into the world so I had to be making plans to give her the appropriate support she would need."