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Unexpected to drop 'Mighty and Dread' album - 'The World Crazy', 'Ancient Kush' singles released

World Crazy, Ancient Kush singles released

Published:Thursday | July 21, 2016 | 12:00 AMCarl Gilchrist
Leon Wint, aka Unexpected.

After his 2014 album, titled Stranger, opened doors for him in Europe, Africa and other parts of the world, it was expected that the St Ann-based artiste would return with something new before long.

Finally, Leon Wint, who reggae lovers know as the conscious singjay Unexpected, is set to return with a new album titled Mighty and Dread (Rasaras Records), due for release later this year.

With more than half of the proposed 13 tracks already completed, the artiste is making an early statement with the release of two singles, The World Crazy and Ancient Kush.

"We plan to drop two singles from the album, (one being) The World Crazy. Since the time is getting so crazy, that tune could help motivate the youth them. The other is called Ancient Kush," Unexpected told Entertainment Avenue. "Those two singles are expected on the road anytime now, and it was mixed and mastered at Barry O'Hare's studio at James Avenue (Ocho Rios).

"Right now, we have seven tracks so far, mixed and mastered."

From one of his earliest recordings, Out of Rome, through to his first album, Stranger, which features tracks such as Love is the Foundation, Smile at the World, Love of Jah, among others, Unexpected has established himself as a conscious and positive artiste.

The consciousness continues on Mighty and Dread, as suggested by the two singles.

"Most of my music can be taken on the general level. It can be taken in by the young and old, anybody," he pointed out.




"Rasaras Records means Head of Head, and because it means Head of Head, we don't want to corrupt the business. We know that doing conscious music is a very slow road, because some of the time people gravitate to other things, but nothing can beat the real thing.

"Time is the master and things take time to grow, and we are getting there because we seeing a better light now than we saw back then. Even since The Gleaner (2014 article: 'Stranger Comes From An Unexpected Place'), mi get look pon a different level."

Unexpected said he would like to thank all who have supported him and his career over the years: the fans, radio personnel, friends and family members.

"You have a lot of people in the background who really help, maybe not by spending, but influencing and motivating. We have to give thanks to everybody."