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Entertainment Avenue | 'Remedy' from Nadine Sutherland and Zyon I

Published:Friday | December 16, 2016 | 12:00 AMCarl Gilchrist
Nadine Sutherland
Zion I
Safira Mono (right)

Reggae star Nadine Sutherland has made another rare appearance on a single, this time teaming up with California-based reggae singer Zyon I on the new track titled Remedy.

Remedy is produced by Kenroy 'Yah Breeze' Archibald of 876Records, who has had a long musical relationship with Sutherland.

For Zyon I, who also records for Archibald's label, teaming up with the two for the single has given the West Coast singer reason to be optimistic

"I think this song will do well because it has an old-school reggae vibe and a certain authenticity that the music is lacking right now, and most of all, it's an excellent song," Zyon I said.

He said further that the collaboration was made easy as he was recording an album for 876Records at the same time that Sutherland was working on some tracks for an album of her own.

"The producer thought it would be a good idea to put the two of us on a track together, and that's how we ended up recording Remedy. I feel honoured and blessed to have a song featuring one of the best female voices in reggae music," Zyon I said in tribute to Sutherland.

Safira Mono mentors inner-city youth

She might not have grown up in the areas where her influence is now being wielded, but Safira Mono knows about the challenges that inner-city youth face.

Working with youth from Spanish Town, Backbush in Mountain View, Arnett Gardens, Rema, Jones Town, and Tivoli Gardens influenced her writing skills to pen a song called Monitor.

Produced by her own Bad Slave Pinnacle, in conjunction with Tenement Yard Records and Quick Mix Records, Monitor is being distributed by VPAL Records.

The song speaks to the need of parents and adults, in general, to monitor youth in their community. With her history of mentoring youth, most of whom have been affected by social ills and other forms of negativity, the message brought by Safira Mono through Monitor is even more significant.

"It came from my mother. When I was young, she always told me I can achieve anything I want, so I'm trying to pass on that message to these youths," Safira Mono said.

"The youths should be hearing positive messages that can influence their thinking, their actions, their everyday living. I want them to know that they have the potential to be great," she said.

Her own action in helping the youth from the inner city proves that there is a whole lot more to this artiste than just singing words on a musical track. She is of a special breed.