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Inzpiration aims for Billboard in 2017

Published:Friday | December 23, 2016 | 12:00 AMCarl Gilchrist
Inzpiration (right) and Zhionnezz

Positive feedback from his songs on Reverbnation and from Barbados-born American rapper Doug E Fresh on his Poze Radio have boosted the confidence of St Ann artiste Inzpiration and set him in good stead for a positive showing in 2017.

"Right now, give thanks to God, Doug E Fresh, one of the big rappers from America. he has a radio station called Poze. he has selected me from Reverbnation and is currently playing some of my songs on Poze Radio," Inzpiration (real name Richard Gordon) told Entertainment Avenue.

The songs So High, Work Hard, and Help the Poor represent current releases by the conscious artiste, who also revealed that this development represents the biggest break for him in his short musical career.

After starting to write lyrics in 2008, Inzpiration began recording in 2013, releasing a three-song disc called Real Life that same year on iTunes.


uplifting lyrics


His music, mostly uplifting lyrics and social commentary, is a reflection of him, he says, and is the career path he has decided on because of inspiration from God.

"Every song that I write is an inspiration from God, and that's how my name 'Inzpiration' came about. I was at my lowest time financially - you know, that time of your life when everything seems like it's going against you financially, emotionally, things just not working out, and I cried, like real tears, to the Almighty in my yard in 2012.

"I didn't come up with my name until then. I cried to Him and say mi waa leave a legacy for my kids so they can survive, have a better life than me, and in the prayer, He said "music", and from then, I just start writing songs. I chose Inzpiration because the Almighty inspired me. So clearly, my name says it all."

In explaining the ideas behind the three songs, Inzpiration said So High is a song educating the world about the positive things about marijuana and speaks to some of the great musicians who use marijuana.

Help the Poor speaks to government, he pointed out.

"I'm an accountant by profession, and I've been exposed to how the government deals with paperwork. I used to work for the government, and I see where they can do a lot more for the people," he said.

Work Hard is a song encouraging persons to work hard and avoid a life of crime.

"I wrote this song (Work Hard) after taking some fishermen to the sea after working all day on the road running my taxi. I got a call in the evening saying that they want to go to the sea, in Portmore, so I took them and waited to take them back in the morning. At midnight, I was still working, and that's when I wrote the song. Clearly, the world is reacting to the song," he said.

"I've done stage shows like St Ann Jerk Fest, Regatta in St Mary and I'm getting airplay on Irie FM, but this move so far is one of the biggest breaks of my career, internationally."

While paying his respects to engineer Fire Flames, who he said believed in him from 2013, when no one else gave him a chance, Inzpiration has set the bar high for himself come 2017.


would love to get billboard hits


"I would love to get some Billboard hits. I want to become a household name. I know it takes time for everything to work properly, but for 2017, I would love for every Jamaican and most persons worldwide to know about Inzpiration."

He continued: "The message I'm putting out, just as my name says, I'm relevant to the music. You can't just have music telling you about war and crime. you have people who want to listen to good music while they're meditating, so I know there's a place for me in the business."

Inzpiration is not alone in his quest. His spouse, Zhionnezz, is also a recording artiste and is supportive of his career.