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More artistes should be mentors - George Nooks

Published:Tuesday | April 11, 2017 | 12:00 AMCurtis Cambell
George Nooks at Soca on the Beach.

Reggae artiste George Nooks is celebrating 40 years in the music industry this year. The artiste, who now focuses on gospel music after having a successful run in the secular market, is now denouncing the practice of some recording artistes, who release violent content for public consumption.

In contrast to some recording artistes who are of the view that music is not influential, Nooks explained that he has been influenced by content.

"We need to show them the right thing because we don't want to be telling the youth to shoot out a man marrow or chop off head. That is not right, and not because you are going to get a hype, it still doesn't make sense. That practice is not helpful, and that is why we see some little youth all 11-year-old, a chop up dem friend. That is because kids live what they learn. One time as a child, I watch a karate show and broke my hand trying karate stunts, so that shows that we can be influenced," he said.

Nooks further opined, that releasing negative music is counterproductive if one expects to see a decline criminal activity.

He also pointed out that there are other elements in society that contribute to crime apart from music, but maintained that artistes should not be used as a scapegoat by the government and the police, who sometimes expect them to shoulder all the blame. Artistes should still recognise that they have a responsibility not only to entertain, but to educate and uplift.

"Some of these youths have no elders in their family, no father, no mother to guide them. So they live out certain things because they look up to the artiste. You live what you learn and artistes must stop switching their mouths when it suits them best. A certain artiste, when promoting a positive song, will tell you that positive songs can uplift a youth, then when he does a negative record, he will change his view and deny that music has influence. To me, that makes no sense, and we can't have it both ways. just do some good music and done," he urged.

George Nooks performed at Soca on The Beach, held at Little Ochie in Alligator Pond on Sunday. The event also featured a line-up of artistes, including Beenie Man, Yellowman, Patrice Roberts, Patrick Buddo and Admiral Bailey.