Sun | Nov 28, 2021

Three songs cover different topics

Published:Tuesday | April 18, 2017 | 3:19 PM

A trio of songs from singer Samory I's album, Black Gold, which will soon be released, give an indication of his range of topics, the producer's different approaches to putting the tracks together, and of course, the performer's vocal range.

The last is a strength, as Samory I's high tone is distinctive and consistent, with no signs of strain as the lyrics are clearly delivered. His tone makes for a striking balance between vocals and music on Take Me Oh Jah, a slow dub track in which he yearns for return to ancestral land:

"Take me oh Jah,

Take me to the land where I was taken from ...

I behold I ancestors who born to keep I free ... "

The lyrics are not striking and are sparing, as Take Me Oh Jah is not packed with lyrical content. This is deliberate, as the song is shared between the part with vocals and the version.

Just Believe, a song of encouragement to those - including himself - who choose the path of hard work towards their goals, shows writing strength. Samory I dismisses the easy but treacherous path with "me no love sweets so me teeth won't decay", and presents self-reliance with "times are hard and we no have no one abroad fe sen we no phone card".

However, the lyrics in African Queen are a letdown, Samory I expressing attraction and love in lyrics with all, too, predictable rhymes ("Black Queen be mine forever/Your love I will always treasure") and lines that echo with familiarity, such as "your sweetest embrace will set my heart free".

However, again, the vocals and music work well together.

- M.C.