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Konshens disappointed as Canadian police revoke show's permit

Published:Monday | August 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM

The 'Bubbles: Foam Festival' slated for Saturday, August 26, in Markham, Ontario, has been cancelled.

According to the show's promoters, the event's permit was revoked by Canadian police as it was alleged that there were 'issues with the kind of crowd' that dancehall artiste Garfield 'Konshens' Spence, who was the headline performer for the show, would attract.

It was also alleged that someone called the police to say that the show would involve a 'shooting activity' and as such, the venue manager was advised that the event was a high-risk one.

The artiste took to his Instagram page over the weekend to express his disappointment at not being able to perform for his fans there and the (still unclear) reasons behind it.

"Toronto, I am so disappointed," he said. "We will be hearing more about this cah sumn not right," said Konshens.

The artiste also took the opportunity to apologise to his fans and encouraged them to seek refunds.

A representative of the event, Bobby Channan, said that they are still not clear on what caused the police to revoke the permit and intend to investigate further.