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Sevana organises A Shirt for a Show - Clothing collected for entry to go towards needy

Published:Thursday | October 26, 2017 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small

A relief ship full of supplies recently left Jamaican shores and is making passage to the hurricane-ravaged island of Dominica.

Continuing on this charitable track, but with a more local focus, some musicians have banded together for a cause closer to home.

Sevana of the Indiggnation camp has offered her hand to organise a concert called A Shirt For A Show. As the name suggests, instead of paying a cash admission, patrons must bring clothes for donating to homes in need across Kingston.

A Shirt for a Show takes place on November 11 at The Haven on Hillcrest Avenue, St Andrew. Artwork will be on display and calabash bags hand-crafted by inner-city children will be on sale.

It was last year, after clearing out excess clothing that she had outgrown or wasn't wearing anymore, that Sevana thought about what to do with them.

"This led me to the option of giving them to people in need, which caused me to think about the great number of people who are in need of clothing. I instantly wanted to give more so that more people could receive. I began to think about how I could incentivise more people to give so there'd be a great volume of clothes going to people in need," Sevana told The Gleaner.

"A lot of the homes I've recognised with the help of Every Mikkle JA house children, but the clothes will also go to adults. It's not just Jamaican children, but Jamaican people in general," she said.

Sevana will headline the show, with the support of Lila Ike, Ziah, Runkus, and Protoje. While collecting clothing for the greater good, the Carry You songstress will premiere her newest single called Justice.

"I think that if you have a heart to serve, then you must honour it, so I'd say yes, the people in support of me will see me in support of philanthropy. I think it is my social responsibility, period, not because of a growing number of followers," Sevana said.