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Afro-futurism takes over the runaway at Fashion Block

Published:Monday | May 21, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Gleaner Writer
Caffery Van Horne had one of the most memorable collection of the night, with pieces that could walk from the runway into your closet.
This House of Neahlis design was simply breathtaking.
Saint muse Tami Williams on the run way in a piece from 'Most Wanted' by Keshon Hawthorne.
D'Angel with a fashionable turn on the runway during her performance.
Ikaya owning the stage.
Kim Nain is all smiles during her set.

Knutsford Boulevard was chock-full of the fashion-forward patrons, and maintained the current afro-futurist trend for the 14th staging of Saint International's Fashion Block.

Despite the two hours-late start of the show, patrons remained seated (for the most part) and filled the sidewalks to take in the multiple designer collections promised to be put on display.

Keeping with the current climate, obsessed with the fervour of Wakanda, a number of designs were said to have been inspired by Afro-futurism.

Afro-futurism & Dancehall Divas

Mamayashi displayed this theme mixing long dresses, emblazoned with the visages of Martin Luther King Jr and Haile Selassie, accessorised with hoodies, fanny packs and leather adornments.

Neahlis, with her collection called Mariposa, presented a flurry of patterned dresses paired with wicker-made bags by GG. Reve Jewellers also took to the runway with tote bags and necklaces made from driftwood. Keshawn Hawthorne had the boldest demonstration of the designers, having models pair their camouflage outfits with gas canisters, chains and crowbars.

Jamaican designer Caffery Van Horne, based in Colombia, was the final and most outstanding. Inspired by the average Jamaican woman, the designer's collection was filled with pastels and embroidered satin suits, with heavily tasselled boat shoes to match.

Dancehall Diva

Interspersed between the collections were performances from 'dancehall divas' - Kim Nain, Ikaya and D'Angel. Kim Nain, who performed approximately four indeterminable tunes, all carried on one rhythm - a stunt which did nothing to showcase her otherwise impressive vocals.

Seasoned performer Ikaya kicked off her stilettos during her set to move up and down the runway unencumbered. The soulful singer emitted her signature powerhouse style, delivering songs such as Fly Away and Ugly Girl.

D'Angel closed the performance stage, reminding the audience of her model past. She wore a pink wig, deep purple and blue-hued, long-sleeved leotard, barely covered by a leather pink cage-skirt. Though the deejay gaffed by playing the wrong track, it was a quick recovery as the 'First Lady' of dancehall launched into her latest hit song, No Worries.

Her energy was palpable, as she called out the evening's host, Jerry D, to demonstrate her dexterity.