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Organisers, performers place faith in entertainment

Published:Sunday | July 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Dancers show moves and expression at the National Heroes Park on Saturday, as they perform at Jamaica Fun in the Son 2018.

Music and dance are great tools of communication. Not surprisingly, at Saturday's Jamaica Fun in the Son 2018, organisers Glory Music used them to reach the unsaved young people. Carlene Davis, one of the organisers of the popular event, believes "the performing arts are an effective way of ministering to young people."

"The Bible speaks about dancing before the Lord and give him praise and to play instruments. It is all part of praising. This will win souls, because they [young people] love it. They are young they love to party.

When you bring that in the gospel, they come to realise that Christianity is really not such a boring thing. When they see this presented in this wholesome and fresh, fun way, they will be encouraged to want to know more of the God that we seek."

Hall was more than convinced that it is an effective approach. "I think we can reach so many of them. Look at them [referring to the reaction to Kevin Downswell's performance]. Is young people out there yuh know, jumping up and down. If every weekend we have something like this, we would get so many young souls through gospel music," she said.

Mico University College student Howard, who admitted that his path to Christendom was influenced by family members, also believes that because "all" young people love music it can be used to make the change in their lives. He has also seen a number of persons become converted thorough the medium. And dancers Danielle Grant and Shirane Williamson, of I. Dance Company, think that "dance is a language that can communicate." Grant said that using her body to translate a song and communicate a message that is not verbal is very powerful. "People who are not able to understand words can understand the movements of the dance and that is translated anywhere. Extending your body and giving glory to God is a very powerful tool," she added.

Maurice Johnson was not moved to giving his life to the Lord. "Probably next year," he told The Gleaner, but agreed that it is good to use song and dance to minister to him.