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In. Digg. Nation's Sevana releases 'summer-bop', Sometime Love

Published:Wednesday | July 18, 2018 | 12:00 AMKimberley Small/Gleaner Writer
The visuals for Sevana's new single is unlike what her fans are accustomed to from the songstress.
Sevana releases her new single 'Sometime Love' today.

Followers of Sevana's social-media profiles would have had their fill of the sultry songstress' teasing of the release of her next single - Sometime Love.

Tucking away previously ingrained images of playful modesty and irie reverence, Sevana's flirty and bright-hued style choices for the visuals of the song have been reflective of the season - coinciding with the rising temperatures. Today, the first summer bop from the In. Digg. Nation camp is finally here.

The song's visuals have the essence of summertime aesthetic. Accompanying Sevana's strong voice and powerfully punctuating vibrato, the clips have shown the coquettish singer tumbling and singing underwater, clad in daisy dukes and bright red lipstick.

Along with the fun and flirtatious imagery, the young starlet has admitted that in tandem with the look, this song's sound is different from anything fans have become accustomed to hearing from her.

She told The Gleaner, "I'm really proud of Sometime Love. It's simple truthful and happened organically!"

The style selections were deliberate to accentuate the vibe of the season. "Summertime has always meant bright, light and happy for me, so it will reflect in my style. I change with the seasons," she said.

Model Olivia Culpo, actress Tracee Ellis Ross, model and jewellery designer Tanaya Henry, thrifter Elia Vintage and pop star and entrepreneur Rihanna are some of who Sevana takes her style cues from.


Debut Album


For Sevana, developing visuals to accompany her music is paramount. "It's the most important thing to me! As I write a song, the imagery is being developed in my mind, and it's necessary for me to convey that to everyone watching. It helps to make the story of the song," she told The Gleaner.

Last year saw the young singer wetting her feet in foreign pools. This year is no different. The Siren will be heading back on the road on July 25. "I'm headed to Germany to play at Upsala and Reggae Jam. Those are my next immediate performances," she said.

While continuously building her international fan base, Sevana still has hopes for major stages in the local arena. "It'd be dope to be invited to play at Sumfest, but everything in its time." Next up for Sevana is the release of another single - leading up to her debut album.