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Var gives ‘Praises’ as he embarks on solo career

Published:Wednesday | August 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Roots Reggae fans have come to know Kevor 'Var' Williams as a powerful vocalist through his work with the Inna De Yard collective and the Pentateuch Movement.

The young crooner is now stepping out on his own starting with a new single titled Praises. The song, being released on the SupowJA label, is produced by Sierra-Leonean German, Patrice Bart-Williams and the legendary Jamaican Clive Hunt.

On Praises, Var delivers a message of inspiration to guide fans through the turmoil created by social and political challenges. "Let Jah Jah lead you," he sings. "Don't let the devil deceive you/Just keep your faith up strong and hold on."

He describes the song as a prayer of thanksgiving despite the struggles we face, and the ones we overcome. "The greatest thing we can do for ourselves is give thanks to the Almighty for life and the present moment," he says. "Nuh matter how rough it is, give thanks. Nuh matter how good it is, still give thanks!"

Praises features a contemporary fusion of Roots Reggae and World music, accompanied by African drumming, in which Var's voice sits neatly as he chants his words of wisdom. The song's progression takes the listener on a journey of peaks and valleys, guided by Var's strong yet silky vocals reminiscent of reggae singers decades ago.

Var, who cites Burning Spear and Culture among his influences, intends for his new release to be his official introduction to reggae lovers as a solo act. He says the single should uplift people and keep them motivated despite whatever difficulties they may face in life.

Var began his career with the Pentateuch Movement, which released its debut album The Genesis in 2012 and the 2016 EP Chapter V. His vocals were later heard on the single Crime, which he recorded for Inna De Yard's album The Soul of Jamaica. The song has paved the way for Var to embark on his new solo career.

Var's music is honest and pure, promoting a sense of roots and culture that is ingrained in his identity. He is currently working on a debut album which is expected to be released in 2019.