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Five Questions with TeeJay

Published:Monday | December 24, 2018 | 12:00 AMSimone Morgan Lindo/Gleaner Writer

Dancehall artiste Teejay made his name on the entertainment scene this year. Hailing from the Second City, Montego Bay, he dominated the party scene with songs like Up Top Boss, My Type, Pray and Grimy. In addition to delivering an impressive set at Reggae Sumfest, the DJ also inked a record deal with Romeich Entertainment. The entertainer kept his promise to bring down the house at the recent Magnum Explosion, held at Melbourne Cricket Oval. He recently took a break from one of his recording sessions to answer Five Questions With.

If you were prime minister for a day, what would you change?

I would change things like ensuring the airports are locally owned. I would provide more job opportunities, fix more roads, ensure that all hospitals are up to date, not just major hospitals. Finally, I would definitely legalise weed.

Describe your ideal date.

Because of how I was raised, my ideal date would have to include my friends somehow - I wouldn't go alone with my companion. I'm not very romantic, so I'd let the woman choose what to do. I might go to a movie, though, or definitely a dinner; but the location for the dinner would have to be very upscale and out of the way of people I see every day.

What is your fondest Christmas memory and what made it stand out in your mind?

The fondest memory I have is that as a family, we would paint the house and clean up the yard from Christmas Eve, and Mommy would go into town to purchase chicken, pork, fish and everything needed for a big Christmas dinner. On Christmas Day, we'd all come together as a family and have dinner.

Tell us something about you that persons would be surprised to know.

Because of my image, many people think I'm unapproachable and I'm not a people person. So they would be surprised to know that I'm actually always joking around.

What is it that you find most challenging or would want to change in the reggae/dancehall industry?

What I want to change has already been changed, because artiste can now be anywhere and make a name for themselves. As for challenges, because of how I have set up my career and my life, I don't face challenges in music. I have access to any and everything I need, and releasing music is very easy. Especially now with the team surrounding me - they make everything less stressful for me.