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Ageing is a natural process: Nadine sends message to young female artistes

Published:Tuesday | July 9, 2019 | 12:00 AMSade Gardner /Gleaner Writer

While some female entertainers will nip and tuck their facial features or go under the knife for bodily enhancements, veteran singer Nadine Sutherland is going the natural route, refusing to do any surgical procedure in an attempt to stall the aging process. For the 51-year-old, ageing is a natural process, a message she hopes her younger peers will embrace.

“I do worry for the young women in the industry. I worry that they are so engaged in social media, which can be so negative, and the expectations are so unrealistic,” Sutherland told The Gleaner. “I often hope that they have guidance and counselling as I am concerned about their mindset and some of the things they will do or put on for shock value. There are people modifying themselves and acting like ageing is not a natural process when it is. Then it will catch up on you, and one morning you’ll have a nervous breakdown.”

She counts herself as lucky to have recognised this natural cycle and explained how being a public figure has helped her to be comfortable regardless of her age.

“I was forced to confront the ageing process ‘cause as you Google me, you see my birthday and you see the year when me born,” she said.

Can’t turn back time

“I cannot go now and tek off 10 years off my age, cause everybody a go know seh mi a lie. Everybody knows my whole story from me win Tastee’s Talent contest. It is part of Jamaica’s musical history. So me now fi go lie and do this or that doesn’t make sense because people will know. It’s nice being secure in yourself and nice when you love yourself, and there is wisdom that comes with ageing. I don’t look too bad for my age, and I wanna look better, and I am working to look better.”

This does not mean that she places her appearance in mother nature’s hands willy nilly.

She emphasised that engaging in exercise and having a balanced diet are critical in looking and feeling good. She urged older women to “stand tall and take care of yourselves” in order to be representatives of ageing like fine wine.

“I’m not afraid to look like a mommy young gyal because I am so comfortable with my age, but I don’t want to look like a pop-down person at my age either,” she said.

“Women my age are more fashionable than they were twenty years ago. Look at Halle Berry or even Jada Pinkett Smith’s mom, Adrienne, who is my role model. She is 65 and her belly flat and her body is toned, but she is not trying to act a mommy young gal.

The system of patriarchy has made the ageing woman feel like she is less, and we have to erode that. I want younger women to watch us and say, ‘Okay, it can be me if I take care of myself’ .”