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Pressure Busspipe – the latest ‘Rebel With A Cause’

Published:Thursday | July 25, 2019 | 12:16 AMShereita Grizzle/Gleaner Reporter
Pressure Busspipe
Pressure Busspipe

Reggae artiste Pressure Busspipe is putting the finishing touches on a new compilation slated to drop in September. The entertainer, who has been dabbling with various genres as he seeks to grow in music, says this album will see him returning to his roots as he has a lot to teach. The project, titled Rebel With A Cause, will see the artiste confronting different social issues as he hopes to open the eyes and ears of listeners to some of the problems affecting the world.

“Although this album has some lover’s rock on it, it falls back to roots and culture. It’s more rebel music, that’s why its called Rebel With A Cause. I want to highlight some of the things affecting humanity, and I want listeners to really start reflecting on some of these issues we are facing as a people and see how we can help in our own little way,” he said. “It’s going to be uplifting, world music, something you’ve never heard from Pressure Busspipe. I’ve learnt a lot in the business and, hopefully this album will reflect that growth.”

Speaking of growth, the entertainer, who was recently nominated for a soca award, told The Gleaner that artistes should not be afraid to take on other genres. He explained that although he is largely known as a reggae artiste, he enjoys making music in different genres and says a part of being an artiste is being able to express oneself freely and stepping outside the proverbial ‘box’.

Stifling creativity

“I think that an artiste is someone who paints many pictures, so if you’re going to sell music to the world, you have to be able to be well-rounded. Sometimes in doing what we love, we kind of box ourselves in, not knowing that just right outside the box is success as well,” he said. “I am a victim of that. Trying to stay in reggae music and do what my fans mostly know me for was stifling my creativity. As you meet more people and start to relate more with different genres of music, the difference begins to feel good and I think once it feels good, you should do it. I love reggae music and that’s my fan base, and I will be doing a lot of reggae in the future because that’s where my heart is, but I’m not gonna run away from what feels good; and what makes people feel all right.”

Hailing from St Thomas, US Virgin Islands, Pressure Busspipe takes every opportunity to shout his love for Jamaica, and, as the release date for his album inches closer, he will be making a promotional run across the island. He explained that due to responsibilities back home in the Virgin Islands, he has not spent nearly enough time with his fans in Jamaica.

However, that may soon change, as he gets ready to reconnect with his fans.

“They miss me and I miss them. I can’t wait to connect with my people again. They are the ones who make me want to keep creating music. I work for the people. They keep me in tune with wah gwaan out deh, so they always fuel me to continue on the right path. They show me so much love and I just can’t wait to show them that love back.”