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Naturally happy - Macka Diamond gets ready to take fans on fitness journey

Published:Tuesday | July 30, 2019 | 12:00 AMSade Gardner/Gleaner Writer
Macka Diamond
Macka Diamond

Since revealing a slimmer physique in 2015, Macka Diamond has received ‘props’ on her transformation and is ready to share her diet and fitness tips in an upcoming YouTube channel dubbed ‘Naturally Happy’.

Set to premiere in two months time, the platform will see the entertainer giving advice to those looking to make that 180-turn in their fitness journey, as she shares her own experience.

“A lot of people don’t understand the journey ‘cause they see you looking sick before you look better, and this channel will help people to better understand the journey,” she told The Gleaner. “When you eat a certain way, you will lose those fat that is not good for your body; and when you start to build back, you’re gonna build muscles, you’re gonna look better and younger, and it’s just basically a new start.

“What I did by changing my diet is restarting and rebuilding. Now, I look like how I was originally when I started out as Lady Mackerel. A lot of people won’t take it on ‘cause dem nuh waan nobody seh dem look meagre, but I had to go through that and it was rough, ‘cause no one knew I was detoxing. When the channel start, mi a go explain everything.”

This lifestyle was inspired years ago after Macka became a mother, as she said she was displeased with the ‘baby weight’ and decided to work out and change her diet. Ridding herself of meat, rice and processed foods, Macka’s diet has even inspired her own mother to follow suit.


“When I started, my mother couldn’t understand, she was like, ‘Why you doing yourself like this? You don’t look good,’ and now she is telling me that she is gonna eat like me,” she said. “The journey is not easy, people are gonna say you don’t look good, but me decide seh mi waan back mi body and how mi did stay and I continued.”

Recently hitting reset on her Instagram page, Macka Diamond has taken ‘stunting’ on the ‘gram to a new level. Fans can’t help but notice the new swag, face beat (make-up) and confidence. This comes months after a Google search of the artiste showed an age of 77 years old. Though she admits to having some new members on her styling squad, Macka, 48, said she has always been a sucker for getting dolled up and that Internet trolls had little to do with her new look.

“That is how I’ve always been, from even Lady Mackerel days, a so mi used to dress up. People used to ask me if is really studio me come or if I’m a model,” she said laughing.

“What people are seeing now is the start-over point. This is where I was at in the beginning of my career and because dem have the Internet now, dem can really know me like that. Mi have people now in place because of the Internet. We know seh we can’t come out certain way again, we have to take it more serious, and everything just fell into place ‘cause I had changed my diet.”