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Kush Riley wants to build own brand - Says he’s not just Tarrus’ brother or Jimmy’s son

Published:Sunday | November 17, 2019 | 12:36 AMShereita Grizzle - Staff Reporter

As son of the late reggae icon Jimmy Riley and brother of Tarrus Riley, Ryan Riley has music running through his veins. It may, therefore, come as no surprise that the 33-year-old is also an artiste. Though not as established as his brother and his late father, Riley, who goes by the moniker Kush Riley, says all that is about to change as he pushes his career forward. No doubt proud of the legacy his father and brother have built, Kush says he is looking to strengthen said legacy by carving out his own niche in the industry.

“People have them ideas of how I should sound and the type of music I should put out, but I don’t want to be known as just Tarrus brother or Jimmy Riley son, I want to be known as Kush Riley. I want to build my own brand,” he said. “Of course, I want to build on my father’s legacy but I want to do it my way. I won’t let the expectations of people dictate how I do this music thing. I understand myself and I’m delivering how I know I should because I know who I am and what I have to offer.”

Describing himself as a strong individual, Riley says he has acknowledged chatter that he may not be as talented as his relatives, but says he doesn’t listen to noise. “Kush Riley is a positive, strong leader who has a lot to execute. As time goes by, we will put our talent to the forefront. Everything take time and everybody affi trod dem own road,” he said. “Me a shine my light in a positive vibration. I am Kush Riley and me nuh accept bad energy. Di man dem (Jimmy and Tarrus) do dem work so a time for me to do mine.”

Indicating that he wants to go as far as music takes him, Riley says he will be amping up promotions because come 2020, he will be staking his claim on the industry. “It’s just promotion. I did a lot of ­groundwork for my brother. Before people know him, me go radio stations go put out him music, get it to the sound man dem, and that is how Tarrus Riley became a product and, with that said, I think if I put that promotion into myself just the same, I will make it, too. The priority right now is to focus on moving my thing from where it is,” he said. “I have got some people surrounding my movement and now I’m working to get my thing prominent. I am optimistic and I remain positive. What is to be must be.”

Riley’s music is available on his YouTube channel, as well as spotify and other major digital platforms. He is currently promoting the single Mad Dem , which is geared towards his female audience. He also recently released a track called Seriously Speaking.