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5 Questions With … Jason Panton

Published:Friday | November 29, 2019 | 12:00 AM
Jason and Kamila - The Picture.
Jason Panton
Jason Panton

Multi-talented creative, Jason Panton, has found his niche, and although this may involve working on several projects at the same time, he somehow manages to balance and creatively prioritise each. His roles have ranged from brand development, content creator, marketing director, designer, A&R and DJ.

Jason, who holds a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Arts & Arts Management from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, has been designing, providing creative direction, producing music events, and weaving culture and community into branded marketing programmes for over 15 years.

He has done a stint of painting and curating exhibits in Miami and Ft Lauderdale and has worked with companies such as Def Jam Records, VP Records, Tuff Gong International, We Are Massiv and Puma’s 2012 Olympic collection with Cedella Marley.

Jason has served as marketing manager for the Marley Beverage Company, social media manager with Marley Coffee, and has created content and event-marketing programmes based around music in collaboration with House of Marley, Red Bull, Guinness, and Red Stripe.

Thru collaborations with musical artistes, he produces an emerging artiste showcase called Live from Kingston, which has given stage to talent such as Protoje, Chronixx, Jesse Royal, Patrice, Kabaka Pyramid and more. He also co-created a global reggae event called Dubwise Jamaica that takes place weekly in Miami, and monthly in various cities across North America, Canada, Africa and the Caribbean.


1. You are an artist and an artiste. What intrigues you about the creative process?

I believe that any artiste has to have some kind of faith base, because whether it is music creation, art design or marketing, it is all about bringing something to life. Art is creating something from a vision. The canvas is blank and you apply colours from a palette and creating something. There is a roomful of people who are standing and as the DJ, you give them the music that makes them move, and in marketing you bring something to life that wasn’t there.


2. What does the Yuletide season mean to you?

A break. The US Thanksgiving holiday, coming into the first week of December, is when my year starts to wrap up and I get a chance to reflect on the successes and the trials of the past time. It also means time with loved ones.


3. You are always posting your son on social media. What’s the best thing about being a dad?

Ever had a scenario where God said, ‘All right, mi G, mi a go gi yuh exactly what yuh want?’ Well that was it. It’s the beauty of not just seeing yourself in another human being, it’s about nurturing a unique spirit. He’s so talented. When he and I are together, it is a par. We watch sci-fi movies, we paint, we dance. And his mom, my ex-wife, does a great job. There’s no Judah without his mom.


4. Do you plan to have your quiver full?

(Laughs) That sounds like something my father would say. Certainly. Those of us who know how much effort it takes to raise each child have to keep that in mind, and also the person who you choose is also a major factor.


5. Tell us about that picture with Kamila McDonald which created a minor tsunami a few weeks ago.

OK. I didn’t think about it when I posted it to social media. It was just a natural outpouring of great vibes. And then I get a call from my sister to say, ‘Hey, I see a picture of somebody looking like you all over the place’. It was amazing … uplifting. I did not receive or see one negative comment and neither did she. It was a boost that took us through the week. People always say that they want to keep their private life private, but it’s OK to be public. When I was married I didn’t do that, but I’ve learnt from that experience. As a Rastaman who prefers to be with a Rastawoman, when you ask certain tings from creation and you receive then you live and give thanks. Mi have a good one, so whe mi a go guh afta dat?