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Five Questions with … actress, model and DJ Gabrielle Davis

Published:Friday | December 27, 2019 | 12:10 AMStephanie Lyew/Gleaner Writer
DJ Gabby improves her skill behind a console.
DJ Gabby improves her skill behind a console.

Spectators may have Gabrielle Davis as a young girl who treats life as just another day at the beach, when truth is, all she has been doing is learning how to use each grain of sand to make castles that last while keeping a sunny and clever approach. She first made waves as a petite model with the aptitude for fashion editorials and runway and later as a reality TV sweetheart in the first season of VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Miami in 2018. As an actress, she brought the sauce and when all was aired on global media and gossip sites, Davis handled herself like a pro. Her emergence as a disc jockey is another great skill and one she can at least add to her resume, marking another step closer for female representation in a male-dominated profession which she has had dreams of going after for a couple years. “I have wanted to pursue music for a couple years now but I was never brave enough to take that step. It was my manager who believed in me and pushed me to start taking lessons; though it's only been a couple of months, it's something that I enjoy and I am glad to have finally started after years of deliberation,” Davis told The Gleaner. With not a lot of competition from the same gender, she added, “I want to show young women that you can do it all, no matter who may want to shut it down or discourage you. I do realise that female representation in the DJ world in Jamaica is limited so I must big up to all the local female DJs holding it down like Sparks, Elektra and Nova.” In Five Questions with … DJ Gabby discusses making her debut, being mentored by veteran DJ Courtney and how she plans to turn not only tables but the tides with this new profession.

1. You wear many hats: actress, model and now disc jockey. Where do you feel most comfortable?

DJ Gabby: Right, so many hats! I have never liked the thought of being in a box – I love to challenge myself. I don't really think there is one specific area that I am most comfortable but if I had to choose, it would be modelling only because I have been doing that longest.

2. What advice would you give your past self, as someone who has been in controversial spaces and as a talented female?

DJ Gabby: Advice to my past self … have more confidence, kill all self-doubt and choose friends wisely. People tend to really be for themselves, being so trustful of others has caused me to find myself in uncomfortable situations because I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I guess I really would have liked to tell my past self to trust your gut!

3. Who do you owe your respect and gratitude for acting as mentors – any particular selectors, sound system owners or disc jockey?

DJ Gabby: I love a lot of old school sound systems like Stone Love and Mighty Crown out of Japan for their unending passion for music, but I owe a lot to and give much respect to DJ Courtney who was willing to give me his time and work with me to show me the ropes and lead me in the right direction.

4. (a) How do you feel when you are around a turntable/console and, (b) what are your long-term goals for yourself taking on this new profession?

DJ Gabby: I feel butterflies but once that fades it truly is my happy place. For one, I surprised myself at how fast I was able to learn the basics even though I still have a long way to go but practice is key and I love music, so it feels natural. My long-term goal is to become the best at whatever path I choose so the focus right now is perfecting my craft, working on growing my online store, shopwithgabby.com, and being prepared for whatever life brings my way.

5. Why should someone who doesn't know you book you for an event and/or listen to you play music?

DJ Gabby: Someone who doesn't know me or has not seen me play should keep an open mind when it comes to a booking. I have a lot to offer especially where the new music is concerned, and my taste is diverse so I bring a nice variety of genres and songs to the table. Also, it is always refreshing to see a female doing things that people normally expect from men.