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Paris Hilton figuring out ways to live forever

Published:Monday | March 16, 2020 | 12:07 AM

Thirty-nine-year-old heiress Paris Hilton is concerned that “nothing” happens after death, which would be “boring”, so she wants to find ways to become immortal.

She told Britain’s Cosmopolitan magazine: “Death scares me because I don’t know what happens.

“I just don’t want it to be nothing because that would be so boring.

“I’m trying to figure out a way – freezing myself or inventing the fountain of youth pill – so people could live forever, like that movie Death Becomes Her.

Paris feels “lucky” that she’s retained her youthful appearance without resorting to cosmetic surgery.

She said: “I feel 21 forever. And I’m all natural. I feel so lucky that my mum always told me to stay out of the sun.

“I feel lucky I haven’t had to resort to what most people do in this town.”


Meanwhile, though Paris has ruled herself out of a reboot of The Simple Life, she admitted producers have quizzed her on who she think would be perfect for the show – which saw her and Nicole Richie try their hands at various tasks – if it did come back, but refused to say who she chose.

She said: “My schedule is just so insane. I can’t imagine leaving my life and going to the middle of nowhere and doing that again.

“Plus, the show is so timeless and iconic, you can’t remake that.

“They asked me who I would recommend if I didn’t want to do it myself. [Who did I say?] I can’t tell. I’ve signed a confidentiality agreement.

“I don’t know [if it is coming back]. I don’t think it’ll ever be what it was, but it will be fun to watch other people do it.”