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Five Questions with Dania Beckford

Published:Friday | July 3, 2020 | 12:00 AMKrysta Anderson /Gleaner Writer

Brand communication extraordinaire and entertainment lover at heart, she channels the two daily as she drives entertainment policy. A Super talented fashion designer, specifically for the full-figured woman, she turns heads as a body-positive advocate and stirs up thought-provoking discussions as a motivational speaker. She is the hostess with the fiercest and most fabulous flavour. You dare to dream of it, this beautiful believer has done it.

There’s no telling what else is in store for this queen, but we, her royal subjects, continue to watch her take every stage by storm and conquer her goals in style and grace. Here are 5 Questions with… Dania Beckford.


Why did you decide on a career in entertainment?

Growing up, I have always had an affinity for the arts – from dancing, performing Louise Bennett poems, and being integral in school performances. Through my various leadership roles, I always used entertainment to either get my point heard or to get people together. So, when I went to The University of the West Indies and pursued media and communication, I decided very early that I wanted my communication skills to be focused in the entertainment industry. I diversified over-time, but entertainment is still my first love.


As a designer, why did you choose to target plus-size women, and why is it important for you to be a body-positive advocate for full-figured women?

I am a full-figured woman and I have had challenges in finding stylish, age-appropriate, fashionable clothes to fit me. I decided that instead of being sad about not finding things to wear, I was going to be a part of the artistic solution by designing one of my favourite garments – swimsuits! Women of diverse sizes struggle with feeling confident because of what we were taught about being the ‘ideal size’. A woman who truly appreciates herself holistically is not only happy; she is bold and self-assured. I think that the best gift I can give to any woman is the opportunity to feel and be confident in how she looks, so I have started with women who look like me (plus-size) by making swimsuits and cover-ups available in their size.


What do you love about being a brand communicator?

I love telling stories! Using integrated marketing communication techniques to connect brands to their target audience is an exciting process for me. I get to immerse myself in assisting brands to find their core, creating appropriate messages and executing event experiences. I am also particularly intrigued with assisting brands to alleviate crisis using communication.


How do you balance a full-time job, entrepreneurship and motherhood?

It makes for a happily exhausting life! Motherhood is challenging and excitingly unpredictable, but I am enjoying not knowing what the next stage will bring. My son motivates me to actually work harder so that I can leave a legacy for him. I put a management strategy in place for BroadTail Designs to operate, while having a co-designer and being the spokesperson for the brand. My full-time job is in entertainment policy, with a focus on communication, so they all work well in having my passions combine.


What is the one thing people would be surprised to know about you?

I can give you two surprising things. I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness, which is why I am so comfortable speaking to strangers, because of all the time I spent in field service; and I really dislike mangoes.



Where is your ultimate chill spot and why?

My ultimate chill spot is the beach in Discovery Bay. Just under the sea grape tree with my childhood friends while buying beers and fish from vendors I have known all my life in my community, and enjoying a day in the sun while listening to music.