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T’Jean Bennett gets biblical inspiration for latest track

Published:Thursday | September 17, 2020 | 12:09 AMShereita Grizzle/Staff Reporter
T’Jean Bennett says ‘Let Them Talk’ on new track.
T’Jean Bennett says ‘Let Them Talk’ on new track.

Producer-turned-artiste T’Jean Bennett says he hopes his latest single, Let Them Talk, will inspire listeners to stay motivated in the midst of constant scrutiny and bad mind. Disclosing that the track was given to him via biblical revelation, Bennett says the song is coming from a very personal place.

He told The Gleaner that during the creative process, he was encouraged to pursue his dreams, no matter what, and he now wants the track to be that source of motivation for others.

“Psalm 3 is wha’ end up seal the song for me. It talks about what I was going through and how I decided to use the negative energy to my advantage. Psalm 3 talks about the enemy rising up against you in great numbers, but you not being afraid because you know you have a shield, a protector looking out for you. Let Them Talk is literally me singing Psalms 3 in my way, talking about my own personal experiences and hoping my journey will inspire others going through similar situations,” Bennett explained.

“In life, opposition will always come your way, even when yah deal wid righteousness. It’s just part of life. Even though it’s more of a song that talks about bad mind, it’s not a ‘bad-mind’ song. It’s a track fi show say evil is there, and so yuh still affi maintain yuh composure and not let things move you or let your heart be troubled.”


Bennett said that from the inception, the track had a “high, spiritual vibration” and explained that because of that, timing was everything. It was therefore imperative that the track be released on the calendar day marking the Ethiopian New Year. “This song and everything behind it is not a coincidence. The track has a high, spiritual vibration. I am an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian, and so it had to be released on September 11, which marked the Ethiopian New Year,” he said, pointing out that since the track was released, it has been receiving some good feedback.

“People really a see the importance of this message, and so it has become one of the fastest-growing songs I have ever released, and mi give thanks for that. When I released this song, my only expectation was for it to reach who it was intended for, and I think it has been doing just that,” he said.

“Mi nuh force song, because what is to be must be. People need strength and that’s what this song gives, especially in these times. Nuff people out deh right now wid dis whole ‘corona’ thing; dem need some type of motivation, and so, as an artiste, it’s my job to give people what they want,” Bennett added.