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Marcy Chin’s ‘coming out party’ a stylish affair

Published:Tuesday | October 20, 2020 | 12:06 AMShereita Grizzle/Staff Reporter
Marcy Chin in performance on Sunday evening at her virtual showcase.
Marcy Chin in performance on Sunday evening at her virtual showcase.
Marcy Chin delivers ‘Born Good’.
Marcy Chin delivers ‘Born Good’.

She promised to show Jamaica exactly what she is made of, and on Sunday evening, up-and-coming artiste Marcy Chin did just that. After her much-talked-about performance during prime time at July’s virtual staging of Reggae Sumfest, the petite Chin finally got her chance to prove to Jamaica that she is more than just Downsound Records’ latest leading lady but that she really is a musical powerhouse.

In what she described as her ‘coming out’ party, the pint-sized talent showed up and showed out as she made her official début on the mainstream music market. In a well-organised musical showcase executed through Phase 3 Productions, Chin, backed by the experienced Ruff Kut band complete with back up singers, gave the online world a taste of her debut EP, Episode 1, that will undoubtedly answer most, if not all, questions about who she is.

If one was unfamiliar with the name and talent that is Marcy Chin, Sunday’s showcase proved that she will be a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. Through her one-of-a-kind style and flow, her raw yet classically sexy image, and her smooth delivery, the singer, rapper, and songwriter made certain that when future questions are asked about her, they will be about why, with her talent, she hadn’t got her break in the industry until now.

In her first song of the night, the entertainer declared that she was Born Good as she served up a sizzling performance of the track. Clad in a sexy, all-white ensemble, Chin, from the outset, proved that she did not come to play around with her official début. Setting a mood, which, no doubt, left viewers wanting more, Chin kept her feet on the gas pedal as she cruised into her next performance. Showing off her versatility, Chin transitioned from a sexy vixen to the ultimate ‘bad gyal’ as she delivered In My Brain, a track that talks about her love for ‘weed’. For that song, the entertainer changed out of her ‘angelic white’ to an all-black number, and one could tell that she had come on a different mission.


From thereon out, Chin kept on with the ‘bad gyal’ image, giving viewers a taste of her track, Right Through. ‘Mi a bad, bad gyal right chu’, she sang, making it clear that although she was a newcomer, she was no pushover.

Speaking of being no pushover, Chin said that although she was not in the industry to compete with any other female talent, she understood that, by its very nature, the music industry was a competition. Still, Chin says she would not allow the latter to make her stray far from her ultimate goal. “As long as I am in the game, it’s a competition right? But I try not to look left or right. I am not thinking about what these other girls are doing. I am not interested in that, and so if and when I get to that top spot in music, it’s because I have separated myself from the clutter and the noise and didn’t allow myself to get drowned in it,” she said.

“I just wanna take my music everywhere. That is my ultimate goal. I am not boxed in, so I will be spreading my wings as far out as I possibly can. This is really my passion. Music is not a hustle for me. I would hustle to support my music because I really love this. I am music. This is an infinite experience for me, one I don’t see ending even after I’m dead. That’s how serious I take all of this.”

And it is that seriousness that has caused Chin to remain focused even as rumours already started to swirl about her and Downsound Records’ boss, Josef Bogdanovich. Chin said since the announcement that the label would be handling her career, people have already begun to make romantic links between her and Joe, but she said that music was her only agenda at Downsound. “I mean, people are already talking, but I am absolutely ready for the gossip. When it comes to things like that, it’s the least for me because to be honest, I enjoy it. I see the rumours, and I’ll chuckle or shake my head and say ‘I can’t believe people would really think I’d do something like that’, but it’s OK. It’s entertainment in my opinion. I have been doing this for ten years, working hard and building Marcy Chin, and now, here I am. Nothing is going to ruin how special this moment is for me right now.”

Chin ended her set with a soulful rendition of her song, Nasty Love.