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Faith and redemption

Published:Wednesday | December 2, 2020 | 12:08 AM
David A.R. White as former hitman-turned-pastor in ‘Beckman’.
David A.R. White as former hitman-turned-pastor in ‘Beckman’.

Hitman Aaron Beckman has lived a life lived in the shadows as a contract killer. Now, his soul cries out for healing, forgiveness and grace. In desperation, he appeals to the church and is welcomed by an ailing pastor like a long-lost son. He turns his life around, gets baptised and eventually becomes a pastor.

His journey towards salvation is cut short, however, when his adopted daughter, Tabitha, is kidnapped by a deranged cult leader named Reese. Blinded by rage, Beckman sets off on a dangerous rescue mission and is forced to revert to his violent ways. The only thing that can stop his rampage is his faith – but will he remember it in time to save his soul?

Beckman is an action thriller directed by Gabriel Sabloff, written by Tommy Blaze and Steven Keller and starring David A.R. White, William Baldwin and Burt Young.