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Dr Love’s Valentine’s Day prescription

Published:Sunday | February 14, 2021 | 12:18 AM
Alaine’s Deeper “a true urban riddim love song ... strictly for the grown folk”.
Alaine’s Deeper “a true urban riddim love song ... strictly for the grown folk”.
Pat Kelly
Pat Kelly
Bity McLean
Bity McLean
Dr Love
Dr Love
Glen Washington
Glen Washington

With today being celebrated as Valentine’s Day, and music being an integral part of this day dedicated to all things love and lovely, who better to write that special love prescription than popular social media vlogger, Dr Love. He shares his Valentine’s Day playlist, keeping in mind that February is also Reggae Month. Therefore, his choices reflect the best of reggae music from artistes ranging from Pat Kelly to Alaine.

Here are his Top 5 picks:

1. This Time I Promise

Artiste: Da’ville

Album: On My Mind

Social media comment: Rude Wayne

10 months ago

Love songs will always last especially when it’s great like this one. Love is our strongest emotion so love songs will stay strong

2. What We Have

Artiste: Bitty McLean

Social media comment: Conroy Harding

2 years ago

When your queen comes home from work on a random Tuesday, put this on as she walks through the door, give her a bouquet of her favourite flowers, give her a kiss, grab her by the waist, tell her you love and appreciate her and slow dance with her until the song ends (doesn’t hurt to memorise the words and sing them to her). Thank me later.

3. Deeper

Artiste: Alaine

Album: Deeper

Social media comment: Michael Maghanga

3 years ago

Alaine, this was a true urban riddim love song....strictly for the grown folk.. #kabooom!

4. I Am in the Mood

Artiste: Pat Kelly

Social media comment: DJ Rickey Ricardo

1 year ago

Rip Jamaica’s Sam Cooke always one of my fav singers bless his soul.

5. Kindness for Weakness

Artiste: Glen Washington

Social media comment: Anita Thuku

1 year ago

This sounds perfect after reconciliation with bae... still listening in 2019.