Sun | Oct 24, 2021

Really cool to be born on Valentine’s Day – Chris Martin

Published:Sunday | February 14, 2021 | 12:14 AMShereita Grizzle - Staff Reporter
Chris Martin celebrates his birthday on February 14.
Chris Martin celebrates his birthday on February 14.

Recording artiste Christopher Martin admits that celebrating his birthday on Valentine’s Day is pretty awesome. The entertainer, who turns 34 today, says his birthday is always an easy conversation starter, as people are often fascinated by the fact that he was born on the famous ‘lover’s day’. He told The Sunday Gleaner that he usually uses the opportunity to further engage people by pointing out that his romantic qualities were innate.

“You know say it’s a nice feeling if I am to be honest. One thing is for sure, it’s a good conversation starter (laughs). When people ask when is your birthday and I answer, Valentine’s Day, dem seh ‘oh really! What is that like? How is it? You hear the excitement, they are intrigued. So being born on that day is like really cool. It piques people’s interest,” he said. “Dem always a say how yuh so lucky? And den my common answer would be, ‘well, I’m a lover from birth’ (laughs).”

Highlighting even more positives about his February 14 birthday, the Take My Wings singer says it is hard for people to forget his special day. “It’s relatively easy for people to remember my birthday. I mean, even if they wake up and forget say is singer birthday from somebody say ‘yow, a Valentine’s Day innu’, dem remember so we give thanks,” he said. “A whole heap a love show pan da day yah and being one of the lucky people to be born on Valentine’s Day and to be shown a tremendous amount of love is a blessing.”

But although he was born on the day that lover’s usually go all out for their significant other, Martin admits that when it comes to plans for celebrating his special day, he is pretty laid back. Not keen on getting all ‘fussy’ about the day, Martin says his plans this year are low-key as he only wants to be able to spend it with close family and friends.

“Growing up in the country when I was in Back Pasture, all those years my mother used to always bake me a cake and I was super content with that so we never fussy. I never expected a ton of gifts so a da same kinda energy deh I still have right now. We just give thanks every time the 365 rolls around and I am here and able to celebrate it. Pre-corona for my birthday, I would always be doing some lovers kinda show so being home and being able to celebrate it with family and friends is a joy,” he said.

“I don’t have no special plans. I am just going to have a chill day with my family, my friends and my kids. And with the curfew now and the gathering laws, we want to stay law abiding so we ago stay in and whole a energy.”

Though he would rather celebrate his birthday incognito, Martin says he goes all out for his children’s special day. His eldest daughter, Sarai, was born a few days shy of his birthday nine years ago. Revealing that her actual due date was February 14, the singer says he usually reflects on how blessed he is at this time of year.

“Her due date was actually February the 14th and when I heard that was the due date it was an awesome gift. It was a blessing. And although she decided to do her own thing outside of daddy, it is nice to have her birthday so close to mine. She was a wonderful addition to my life and just to watch her grow has been a blessing,” he said.

“Each of my children is a blessing. They have different personalities; Christiyana is super athletic and mi have the likkle general weh just top it off and mi give thanks because the almighty has blessed me with some awesome kids. I am not fussy about my birthday but I am fussy about theirs and so I just wah fi be here and be a part of their lives.”