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Pepsi launches ‘JAMA I CAN 2.0’ campaign

Published:Saturday | April 17, 2021 | 12:15 AM
The ‘JAMA I CAN 2.0’ campaign will feature familiar faces such as social media influencer Tanaania Tracey.
The ‘JAMA I CAN 2.0’ campaign will feature familiar faces such as social media influencer Tanaania Tracey.

Pepsi-Cola Jamaica has relaunched its popular 2019 ‘Jamaica I Can’ campaign. Dubbed ‘JAMA I CAN 2.0’ (Jamaican I Can), this year’s revitalised campaign seeks to make a greater connection with its customers by reminding individuals that they are the ‘I’ in ‘Jamaican’.

Pepsi-Cola Jamaica Marketing Manager Ana Marcela Magana points out that “the campaign is inspired by the unapologetic national pride, identity and unity of spirit of Jamaicans – whether it’s their collective support of athletes at sporting events, through their creativity in dance, fashion and culinary arts, or something as simple as singing the national anthem before a movie begins”.

“Pepsi-Cola Jamaica recognised this phenomenal pride, and we wanted to embody and pay homage to it in the campaign,” she added.


Known for its bold impact and incorporation of Jamaican talents across different fields – arts and culture, tourism, sports, environment and community development, the campaign strongly resonated with Jamaicans. It is expected to do so again with the relaunch of’ ‘JAMA I CAN 2.0’.

The brand will be reinventing the wheel as the campaign will feature familiar faces such as social media influencers Desha Ravers and Tanaania Tracey, along with fresh talents like Tessellated and Naomi Cowan. It will also feature a series of activations and social media challenges that will engage customers in a meaningful way.

Both Desha Ravers and Tesselated dished on what it means to be a proud Jamaican. “I am proud to be Jamaican because we are equally pleased about our unique ways, and we have a tremendous sense of pride knowing we always put our best foot forward no matter what, but, mostly, it’s the unique fashion for me,” said Desha Ravers.

She added, “It feels really good to be a part of this campaign again, very overwhelmed. The staff there makes me feel like family, so it’s always a good time with Pepsi.”

Her tip for the pandemic is simple: “Just keep your head up, always stay safe and stay sanitised and don’t stop praying, everything’s gonna be okay soon.”

According to Tesselated, “[Being Jamaican] is who I am, and all Jamaicans should be proud of our heritage and culture. I’m just lucky to have been born a Jamaican; our little island has a global influence which is so incredibly powerful and inspiring.”

He, too, had words of encouragement for Jamaicans during the pandemic.” Everything passes eventually; at the end of this, we’ll be stronger than we ever thought we could be. Together we will get through this as a people, as a country as we have throughout history in times of adversity. Jamaicans always persevere - we can.”