Sat | Sep 25, 2021

Safiyah to share her journey to motherhood in new single

Magnum Queen of Dancehall says she hopes to inspire other women suffering with infertility

Published:Saturday | June 12, 2021 | 12:09 AMShereita Grizzle/Staff Reporter
Safiyah cradles her daughter. After multiple miscarriages, she is happy to have welcomed her miracle child.
Safiyah cradles her daughter. After multiple miscarriages, she is happy to have welcomed her miracle child.

At 20 years old, dancehall artiste Safiyah was diagnosed with endometriosis and cervical insufficiency. For the 2018 Magnum Queen of Dancehall, the latter meant that a lifelong dream of having children would be virtually impossible. Her health condition resulted in multiple miscarriages, but Safiyah was determined to realise her lifelong dream of becoming a mother.

On May 22, that dream became a reality when Safiyah gave birth to her daughter via an emergency C-section. Describing her journey as nothing short of miraculous, the entertainer says she is now looking to put her experiences in song as she hopes to inspire other young women currently struggling with infertility. “I plan to put all of this in a song. It’s already written, and, in about the next three months, you can look out for it. It is ready; it just has to be recorded,” she said. “I have a story to tell, and I know it’s going to be inspiring. I know there are a lot of women going through similar situations and I want to be their source of motivation,” she said.

Recalling her tumultuous pregnancy, Safiyah said she is forever grateful to have beaten the odds, and now she wants to share her story with other women. “I want women to see me, hear my story and know that they can’t give up despite the odds. Despite all the findings medically, there is God, and from yuh have faith and believe, there is always the possibility of conceiving,” she said.

Sharing that she believes in miracles, Safiyah said there is no other way to describe the birth of her daughter. “I believe in miracles, to be honest, because there’s no way I could go through this entire experience and not believe I am here, my daughter is here, without it being a miracle. I was raised in a Christian home and so I know the power of prayer as well. I want women going through the same situation to keep trying, keep believing, and keep praying,” she said.


In addition to the song about infertility, Safiyah will also be releasing a track titled Never Stop Try, an inspirational song aimed at motivating people to go after their dreams, no matter what. Highlighting that her daughter holds a very special place in her heart, Safiyah revealed that her gift of motherhood is a one-time-only prize. She told The Gleaner that, having suffered a placental abruption at 36 weeks, which resulted in emergency surgery, she cannot have any more children, and so her daughter will be her only child.

“I actually can’t do this again due to the factors that affected this pregnancy. Too many scars and so on and so this will be my only child,” she said, pointing out that the latter has increased her need to protect and care for her daughter exponentially. “I am so in love that there is a drive that was birthed in me that I never knew existed. I am fixated on recovering now, so that I can go back on the journey of bettering myself academically and physically and so that I can set the pace and give her the best life without challenges. The push she gives without even knowing, is empowering,” she said.