Sun | Jul 25, 2021

Entertainers talk fathers and fatherhood in Appleton Estate's 'Stories about Dad'

Published:Saturday | June 19, 2021 | 2:35 PM
Beenie Man (right) and his son, Mosiah Davis.
Beenie Man (right) and his son, Mosiah Davis.
Romain Virgo
Romain Virgo
Jesse Royal
Jesse Royal
Wayne Marshall
Wayne Marshall

Premium spirits purveyor, Appleton Estate, is celebrating fathers through its 'Reserve the Night' series, slated for Sunday, Father's Day. The virtual show begins at 7 p.m. and features performances by Jaz Elise and Tarrus Riley.

In an ode to fathers , they reached out to a few artistes they have collaborated with over the years for 'Stories about Dad'. Beenie Man, Wayne Marshall, Romain Virgo, Jessie Royal and D Major shared with Appleton Estate their journey through fatherhood, relationships with their fathers and father figures, and how these influences have shaped their lives.

Wayne Marshall was particularly vocal about his cherished relationship with his late father. He said, "As a teen, there were times we did not see eye to eye, but as I've grown and evolved as a father myself, I've come to realise that he was always instilling responsibility in me, which is something we all need. I really cherish him; he was the best dad ever."

Marshall also shared that he is open to becoming a father for the fifth time, and he is confident that his wife, Tami Chin Mitchell, would not be opposed to the idea.

Also opening up about the prominent father figures in his life was Romain Virgo, who commended the wise, strong, and thoughtful men who helped shape him into the man and father he is today. "Growing up, I really looked up to my stepfather, because he's the one who was there when I was making that transition into adulthood. It was a similar dynamic with me and Donovan Germain from my early recording days. Nowadays, I get similar guidance from people like Nico, my manager."

Virgo added that he is "fully prepared" to become a father for the third time, as he'd always wanted to become a dad, and that he and his wife being given twins was the "icing on the cake".


Dancehall legend Beenie Man shared with viewers the deep bonds he shares with all his children. "When me and my kids are together, it's a different feeling. It's a feeling you can't get anywhere else. It's not like being in the studio; it's not like being on stage. It's different. Because all my kids are different, but we have one mutual feeling – we love each other," the King of Dancehall said.

Reggae artiste Jesse Royal spoke to the values he would like to impart to his daughters; his wish to see them living their lives for themselves: "I want my daughters to understand the importance of being yourself, humility, and courage. To be bold and to live their lives."

The Always be Around artiste explained that: "Obviously, we want them to be cautious, but you have one life to live. Our children come from us, but they do not belong to us, even if they are our responsibility."

D Major shared that he is looking forward to spending time with his daughter, who resides abroad, in person once more as the world returns to some form of normality. "Last year, with the lockdown, I would have had all the time in the world to spend with my daughter. But unfortunately, she lives [abroad] now. So we could only see each other through a screen," he said.

D Major added that "perseverance" and "persistence" are two things he has learnt throughout his musical career that he has tried to pass on to his daughter. According to the singer, his little girl takes after her father, as she is "very musically inclined".

Appleton Estate 'Reserve the Night' on Father's Day will be streamed from Appleton Estate's Instagram and Facebook pages, @AppletonEstateJa starting at 7 p.m.