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Bramma loading new music and more for 2022

Published:Friday | February 4, 2022 | 12:07 AMSade Gardner/Staff Reporter
Bramma is getting ready to release a number of new projects this year as an artiste and a producer.
Bramma is getting ready to release a number of new projects this year as an artiste and a producer.

Singjay Bramma is unleashing music all 2022, both as an artiste and producer.

The entertainer is already off to a good start with The Cycle, an Emudio Records-produced reggae reflection of the implications and cyclical nature of societal hardships.

“It’s already doing well,” Bramma told The Gleaner. “Mi hear the DJ dem a play it; DJ Smurf, DJ Kurt Riley. Mi see everybody a play it, and a link me. This year, mi just waan do it different. Mi just waan do some out-of-the-box things and express myself. I was sick and out fi a while, as people already know, so mi just a try get back inna the groove of things and go hard this year.”

He’s been working with peers like his long-time friend and producer Stephen ‘Di Genius’ McGregor and Fire Wayne, on soon-to-be-released songs. He is also readying music from his GGOD Records imprint, starting with Bulls of Chicago. The song samples Bounty Killer’s 1999 song of the same name and further toasts to the veteran deejay with a line from his hit Look Into My Eyes.

Bulls of Chicago was one of the first Bounty Killer songs mi hear as a youth, and mi did hate the song,” Bramma admitted. “When I got older and got into basketball, mi seh ‘this bad’. So it was always in my mind to do something with the song, but mi did waan do it for myself and my label.”


Bramma said he even got a phone call from the ‘Warlord’ when he shared a teaser of the song on social media.

“Him seh, ‘Yuh know mi haffi go pon the remix because yuh cya just tek the whole a mi thing dem’,” Bramma said imitating him. “Mi seh, ‘Killa, me never tek it’. Mi just tell him ‘Alright, Daddy’. So mi a get him pon the remix.”

Beyond his own label, he’s also been working with Riddim Force Records and recently released the Belly a the Beast rhythm project.

Balancing his roles as artiste and producer is a no-brainer for Bramma, as he said he operates free from creative restrictions. He started experimenting with production while part of the Big Ship camp several years ago, where he observed McGregor making rhythms.

“We developed a friendship and I started to develop an ear for music. So I’d see things weh him do and waan try it without his help,” he shared. “Eventually, it just became something I adapted to … . There are a lot of artistes who are good producers, like Delly Ranx, who did the Redbull & Guinness rhythm. Goofy (Mr G) hit with the One Day rhythm and a lot more. Wayne Wonder is a great producer, too, so it’s just an extension, and I’m evolving.”

He’s preparing to go on the road next month, with the United Kingdom first in line. Birmingham and Leeds are two cities already confirmed.

Bramma said fans may also look out for music videos throughout the year.