Thu | Jul 7, 2022

Yeza talks new single ‘Glory’, music for mental health

Published:Wednesday | February 23, 2022 | 4:55 AMSade Gardner/Staff Reporter
Yeza, in a shot from her new single, ‘Glory’.
Yeza, in a shot from her new single, ‘Glory’.

The visuals for Yeza’s latest project, Glory, see her rising out of the darkness and raging seas with the fervent flames from a torch in hand. Guarded by her ankh, the scene symbolises fearlessly navigating the current times with one’s own light, or as she sings, “we gwaanin, we gwaanin, we gwaanin.”

Vartex Studios shot the video at Wickie Wackie Beach in Yeza’s Bull Bay home town, and it premièred on Friday to the yearning hearts of those in need of a reminder to push forward despite the odds of the pandemic.

“I’ve gotten a few ‘curse word’ comments from a few a di Rebel Renegades and I take it as clear compliments,” Yeza told The Gleaner. “Persons have also reached out to me saying they’ve gotten chills listening which I didn’t expect. Additionally, it’s been aired on local and international radio stations… so I’m pleased. I just want to give thanks for all the support I’ve been receiving on my journey. The support from my team and from the people who genuinely want to see me do well.”

Produced by Yo Christon, the self-cheering lyrics declaring that the pandemic cannot stop personal wins came naturally for Yeza who considered things she needed to hear. She hopes “ Glory finds the soul that really needs it, the ones that will find relief listening. I also hope that I can expand my insight musically through Glory based on the feedback of my audience and create another step forward in this musical journey.”


Glory complements her last release Kingdom, also packaged as an uplifting mantra inspired by the hardness of the pandemic. While she said she’s not a formal mental health advocate, Yeza considers this an underlying theme for her recent work.

“I am a pretty content woman. I strive to be centred and grounded but I found myself being challenged in new ways during this time, mentally. Due to this personal experience, it dawned on me that other people are probably struggling too, other people need strength of the mind. So, I’m continuing with the message because it feels natural and it feels right.”

The names of the tracks sound fitting for an upcoming body of work, but Yeza notes, “I haven’t given thought to the names as a collective at all. It’s just the other day I was saying to myself, there seems to be a theme. I am working on an album though and I can’t wait to share more in due time.”

So how will she be “gwaanin” for the rest of 2022?

“I’m going to give the rest of the months my best shot,” she said. “I hope to create more waves. I’m not sure exactly how they will form – if it’s tidal or tsunami – but I’ll be in the waters.”