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Use love as ‘the start and end’ urges Suga Roy

Published:Tuesday | April 5, 2022 | 12:05 AMStephanie Lyew/ Gleaner Writer
Suga Roy and the The Fireball Crew recently completed a 14-track album titled ‘Love My Foundation’.
Suga Roy and the The Fireball Crew recently completed a 14-track album titled ‘Love My Foundation’.

“A child gets life’s first lessons at home, so more responsibility should be placed on the parents,” says Suga Roy, founder of the Fire Ball Records label and lead man of the Fireball Crew, which comprises artistes Conrad Crystal and Zareb.

He believes that the value of love is not being reinforced within modern-day society, and that its absence is the reason for “darkness” amongst Jamaican youth.

Suga Roy said, “More attention must be placed on the influences we allow our children to have, and we must embed the consciousness of love and unity in our children. All our children need to feel and see is love. It should be the start and the end of all things. Then, and only then, we would leave 10 per cent of negative things for the children to learn at school and the wider society.”

He said that as a youngster growing up in Clarendon with a foundation that was focused on love and respect, is one of the reasons his music has thrived over the years.

“I have always tried to learn from those who were before me. I listen to those musical compositions, arrangements, vocals and lyrics that were positive, and watched the performances which demonstrated love and passion. There is so much an artiste can achieve by being vigilant, appreciative and respectful to history,” Suga Roy explained.

Suga Roy, given name Leroy Moore, further explained that he witnessed many veterans, like renowned reggae and dancehall producer Bobby Digital, strive for perfection and that, too, became one of the stones forming his foundation as a recording artiste.

“Bobby Digital, who was one of my teachers, told me a project was not ready until it is completed. As an artiste, I attempted to work off those words, and, as a producer, I followed in his footsteps. It was always about giving quality to the world that encompassing the message, and if the full message and productions are not ready, don’t let it out,” he said.

Inspired to share a wholesome message, the conscious reggae toaster and songwriter embarked on writing and recording a 14-track album titled Love My Foundation. It was released in February. The diverse sounds of roots reggae, lovers rock and dancehall landed at the number one position on the US Top 100 iTunes Reggae Album charts which, according to Suga Roy, is proof that love remains the universal language, and, combined with music, could make an impact.

“The music that Suga Roy and the Fireball Crew bring to the people is always accepted and loved worldwide; this is evident with the success we have had with a lot of our recordings, where love has always been the foundation,” he said. “Some people believe in the hype and not good quality reggae music. As a matter of fact, many reggae artistes are sometimes overlooked, while the so-called popular music that does nothing for the growth of our music or the people is given preference.”

The album features Samoan singer and songwriter J Boog; French reggae act Naâman; and Brazilian singer Marina Peralta, whose emotions on Believe In Love make any listener want to put the track on repeat. Noting that the music industry remains a competitive one, where a lot of negative messages are being conveyed in the lyrics, Suga Roy is determined to teach the people a lesson about using love to change lives.

The plan is to ensure that this album is heard, known and loved globally, so much so that people can understand the meaning behind it.

“We are now in [the] planning stages for the Love My Foundation promotional tours and live festival performances,” Sugar Roy shared.