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Rytikal encourages Rocky Point group to ‘stay positive and stay vigilant’

Published:Sunday | May 29, 2022 | 12:33 AM

Dancehall artiste Rytikal got comfortable as he spoke to the men gathered at Rocky Point Community Centre in Clarendon for the Dragon Stout ‘reasoning’ session on Labour Day.
Dancehall artiste Rytikal got comfortable as he spoke to the men gathered at Rocky Point Community Centre in Clarendon for the Dragon Stout ‘reasoning’ session on Labour Day.

“There will be challenges in life, but greatness can’t be stopped.” So says popular dancehall entertainer Rytikal, who was speaking at the recently concluded Dragon Be the One reasoning session held during the Labour Day activities for members of the Rocky Point community in Clarendon. Working alongside the Ministry of National Security and the Desnoes & Geddes Foundation, the stout brand engaged dozens of young men in the session, which is part of an ongoing series that seeks to reinforce positive masculinity through mentorship and inspiring role models. The session also doubled as a mini-concert as Rytikal delivered an energetic performance for the attendees.

The men listened attentively as Rytikal spoke about learning self-control and staying positive through his personal life-changing experience. Though he faced several challenges, he was able to overcome them by maintaining a positive outlook and the genuine desire to embrace a better life.

“There is beauty in the struggle, and though it was a rough experience, I am back, ready to reclaim all that was lost. Dragon Stout has extended an invitation to hol’ a reasoning with you, and I hope you will be guided by my experiences. I can tell you right now, think twice before you engage in risky behaviour as jail is not the place where you want to be. It is a place of darkness so you affi find the light. You should do everything in your ability to not end up there. My advice to young people is to stay positive and stay vigilant. Everybody can relate to positivity, and I hope the youth dem will listen to this message and really strive to make a change. Look out for the unexpected and don’t let anybody determine what or who you become,” the popular dancehall DJ shared.

Keen on playing their part in aiding social transformation one group and one community at a time, Dragon Stout is intent on being involved in projects that seek to reinforce the value of positive masculinity and its subsequent positive outcomes. Junior Brand Manager for Dragon Stout Arnaldo Martin said, “Sometimes as a society, we tend to overlook the emotional misgivings of our young men, but Dragon Stout is pleased to be a part of this programme which gives these men a platform to verbalise their emotions. Having them learn about healthy ways to communicate and having them hear it from an entertainer that they look up to is definitely a great way for us to get the message across.”

Accepting the reasoning session as a safe space, the participants were eager to open up about their own experiences of the challenges they have faced in the past. Before going through the session, the young men admitted to not feeling safe to verbalise their emotions out of discomfort and fear of judgement. “It is this type of positive emotional embrace that we encourage. The men felt like they could express themselves in an honest, yet respectful way, and that is truly the goal of hosting these sessions. We look forward to what we hope will bring about positive transformations in their lives, especially in the areas of healthy conflict resolution and wholesome relationships that derive from open, honest, and candid communications. This is an ongoing project that has continued to yield positive results as we target vulnerable and marginalised groups in our communities,” Martin concluded.