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Pulse’s CMS premieres on TVJ tonight

Published:Saturday | August 13, 2022 | 12:06 AM
Previous CMS TV winner, Shantae Leslie,  walking for Valentino.
Previous CMS TV winner, Shantae Leslie, walking for Valentino.

Pulse, pioneers of the modern model industry in the Caribbean and home to some of the world’s best black talent on the global fashion stage, will premiere its Caribbean Model Search (CMS) TV series tonight on TVJ.

The Model Search, which began as a live show, has produced Vogue cover girls, couture and campaign stars and a prolific line-up of model alumni of the prodigious event which now enjoys huge success and popularity as the CMS reality TV show. The series, filmed in 2021 and titled The Season of Icons, has special significance because of the challenges which the production team had to surmount during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While most productions were shut down during the pandemic, the Caribbean’s longest running TV event dedicated to the discovery and development of new faces, took on a new character. Customarily featuring 15-20 contestants competing in several challenges for the title, the 2021 edition had to be significantly adjusted to facilitate the COVID-19 realities.

But Pulse Director, Fashion and Lifestyle, Romae Gordon was keen to focus on the opportunities that came from the challenges of producing a TV show in the middle of a pandemic.

“We are a highly creative outfit, this is what makes us – Pulse –strong and resilient. We rise to the occasion and make clutch moves when we are pushed. Viewers will enjoy a very special season of CMS,” she noted. Gordon credits a close team of industry professionals who worked diligently to make the show a success. “They all stepped up and made a significant effort to produce a top-quality show of which we can be proud.”


Drawing on the rich and prodigious history of the Model Search, this year’s show highlights the Pulse icons who broke new ground and registered significant accomplishments in the international modelling market from Nadine Willis, Jaunel Mc Kenzie, Parisa Fitz Henly, Lois Samuels, Sedene Blake and Jeneil Willis, Alicia Burke, Francine James, as well as recent CMS TV stars Shantae Leslie and Zan Hyde.

Pulse’s nine-acre Villa Ronai Eco-Estate was the perfect location for a show which features six outstanding contestants – Alecia Morgan, Sackquanna Scarlett, Sasha Lee Hines, Karla Kay Heron, Brianna Rowland and Ester Moore – who were lucky to make the cut in a year, marked by extensive restrictions. And, despite the smaller number, the show is no less dramatic as in prior years with the girls’ competitive edge, colourful and emotional back stories.

The Caribbean Model Search TV is broadcast throughout the region and media partners are keen to maintain their alliance with Pulse as creators of excellent content that celebrate the Caribbean people and culture.