Wed | Sep 28, 2022

Hardware and Lumber spreads joy with Ding Dong

Entertainer takes on role of happiness ambassador

Published:Sunday | September 18, 2022 | 12:13 AM

Ding Dong, happiness ambassador at Hardware and Lumber (H&L) Rapid True Value,  is on duty as he films a television spot for the brand.
Ding Dong, happiness ambassador at Hardware and Lumber (H&L) Rapid True Value, is on duty as he films a television spot for the brand.

Hardware and Lumber (H&L) Rapid True Value has partnered with dancehall artiste Ding Dong, who ignited the airwaves with his song Happiness earlier this year.

Gail Abrahams, chief marketing officer at Hardware and Lumber, shared that Ding Dong is the brand’s happiness guru, a treasured role, as at H&L, it is important to keep customers happy.

“As our happiness ambassador, Ding Dong brings his personality, his songs, his energy, and of course, his ability to connect with Jamaicans at all levels within the society. He beams happiness no matter where you see him, and it connects with anyone around him. That has resonated with us at H&L as our products cater to all demographics within the society, which we believe can enhance our customers’ lives, bringing them happiness.”

She highlighted that as the happiness ambassador, Ding Dong would connect with the company’s team members and customers in various ways, including appearances and special engagements.

H&L Rapid True Value recently launched its Happiness Campaign, headlined by a slew of other familiar faces such as Olympian Asafa Powell, social media influencers Life of a King, Prince Pine, Chiney K, Julie Mango, Taevionn and Lee Not Nice, and Farm Chicks Debbie Bissoon and Rebecca Bissoon. It has been receiving positive feedback from existing and new customers across all customer touchpoints. It also featured two of H&L’s own stars – Benjamin Knowles, manager at the Sovereign store, and Earl James, now at the Ocho Rios location.

“This campaign is just the beginning, and we are letting our customers know that there is more to come, especially for the upcoming holiday season,” Abrahams shared.

For Ding Dong, happiness is a state of mind, and he is pleased to join the brand in the capacity of ambassador.

“I was humbled to know that H&L, [is a] brand I have bought things from over all these years, [and now] I am a brand ambassador. It’s overwhelming,” Ding Dong shared.

“The commercial was magnificent. I was accompanied by my fellow friends, and we just hol’ a vibe; we had mad fun on set. A lot of people have approached me, walked up to me, sent me promo photos that they have seen me with [for] H&L. We’re just getting started. We have so much more in store,” he added.

He is looking forward to September, when H&L will have a special promotion to mark his birthday.