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After sharing 'baby bump' photos online Spice says she is not pregnant

Published:Friday | March 17, 2023 | 2:32 PMAaliyah Cunningham/Gleaner Writer
Spice's 'baby bump' picture, posted by her on Instagram earlier this week had many fans and colleagues offering their congratulations.
Spice's 'baby bump' picture, posted by her on Instagram earlier this week had many fans and colleagues offering their congratulations.

Queen of the Dancehall Spice has announced that she is not pregnant. The proclamation was made during her Instagram Live this morning during which she detailed her health scare in the Dominican Republic last year while sharing updates on new music, as well as a possible gospel album in the works.

“Not everything you see with the eyes you believe on Instagram. Not because you see somebody happy and laughing on Instagram means their life is really happy and that is what it is, so don’t follow everything that you see. I never said I was pregnant, I said God has been good to me. That picture is just for me celebrating my new life. It is me celebrating my journey and my walk,” she said.

Earlier this week, Spice made headline after returning to Instagram with a photo of herself showing off what was seemingly a baby bump. The Under Fire deejay further said that the post was not aimed at promoting new music nor to trigger those who struggle to have children.

“Big up to Father God; big up to Jesus, he literally gave me a new life and that is what I am celebrating. That’s all it is. It was never intentionally done for the picture to offend anyone and if it did offend anyone then I apologise and I am sorry if it offended you. It was never about anything or anyone, any woman that can’t get pregnant. I sympathise I have friends and family that went through different things,” she shared.

“It was just about celebrating my new life and giving God glory. I am so grateful to be here and to be alive and to be talking to you I am grateful for today,” Spice continued to declare.

She hinted at the production of a full gospel album, as well as an up-coming track titled New Life. Today she released a new song and video titled God A Bless, which chronicled her experience undergoing a life-threatening surgery late last year. She also shared details of this during the live.

“I died in DR, okay guys,” the artiste shared.

“I had a hernia to my side and my intestines went through the hernia. What I was told was that my intestine was going through that little space in my side which is the hernia and it erupted, but thank God I had the hernia because it erupted on the outside of the muscle wall. I don’t even know if I am saying it correctly,” she explained.

She also shared photos and videos of the experience with her fans whom she calls “besties”.

“If I didn’t have the hernia which is that space in the muscle, like that whole, the intestine would have erupted inside of me. If I am not saying it correctly, I apologize, I am just trying to be as accurate as how the doctors explained it to me. But when the intestines erupted it started to poison my body and it sent me into a sepsis shock,” Spice said.

Spice is now referring to this part of her journey as her "new life and intends to continue to keep God at the centre of it al"l.