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Mykal Rose shares life experiences on new album ‘I Give You Love’

Published:Friday | September 15, 2023 | 12:06 AM
Mykal Rose.
Mykal Rose.

Grammy Award-winning reggae singer Mykal Rose’s latest album, I Give You Love, will be released today.

The 13-track set, which is produced by Donsome Records LLC, features collaborations with Bounty Killer, Bugle and Jahmiel.

In a media release, Rose shared the inspiration behind the album’s title.

“I wrote these songs according to my life experiences and surrounded them with music. There are several themes explored on the album including humanity and the struggles that people go through in today’s world, the high cost of living, social injustice, the senseless killings and matters of the heart,” said Rose.

Some of the tracks on the album include When Dem Ago Let We Go, featuring Jahmiel; This World; World Crisis; Babylon Burning; I Give You Love, featuring Bugle; and Steppin Like a Murderer, featuring Bounty Killer.

Rose spoke about working with Adrian Hanson of Donsome Records LLC on the project.

“Out of all the producers I’ve worked with, the only one that comes closest to Sly and Robbie is Donsome. His knowledge of the music is very impressive, and he is in tune with today’s sound,” said Rose.

Roel Powell and St Clair Connor are among the musicians who worked on the project.

Rose is best known for his solo work, as well as his tenure with the Grammy-winning reggae outfit Black Uhuru. He sang lead on songs from the group’s 1984 album, Anthem, which won the very first Grammy for Best Reggae Album.

His voice is heard on chart-topping songs including General Penitentiary, Sponji Reggae, Solidarity, What is Life and Shine Eye Gal.

In 1995, Shabba Ranks invited Roseto sing on a remake of Shine Eye Gal, which peaked at number 46 on the UK Singles chart.

Rose connected to a younger generation in 2007, when he recorded the song Shoot Out for producer Lloyd ‘John John’ James. The song topped charts locally.

Hanson explained how the collaborations with Bugle, Jahmiel and Bounty Killer came about.

“Bugle and I have been working over the years so I told him I would like for him to be featured on the song with Mykal, and the next is history. Jahmiel and I were in St Vincent, we were at breakfast, and I told him about the Mykal Rose album and the song. I sent him the track that was already cut and in less than a week he sent me his vocals. Steppin Like a Murderer has been recorded from 2021. Mykal and I decided that we would like to have Bounty Killer on it. Mykal linked Bounty and Bounty sent his vocals,” said Hanson.