Thu | Dec 7, 2023

Five Questions With ... Moyann

Published:Friday | November 17, 2023 | 12:09 AM

Since her entrance into the dancehall fraternity, Moyann has steadily honed her status as one of the most unique female artistes in the industry. Her love for music began at a very young age; however, it was upon graduating from Irwin High School in Montego Bay that she started taking it seriously.

After completing her second year at the Caribbean Maritime University, Moyann decided to focus on her passion and perfect her craft. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with major players in dancehall, including Shenseea, Tommy Lee and Teejay. Some of her most known hits include Middle, No Limit and Backseat.

Describing her music style as “bossy, confident and an overall vibe”, Moyann has made several steps to elevate her career, one of which has been inking an ambassadorship with the official drink of dancehall, Magnum Tonic Wine.

This week, Five Questions With ... linked with Moyann for a quick chat.

1. What has your journey in the music industry been like since you debuted in 2018?

My journey so far has been a big learning curve. It’s been a crazy, bittersweet experience but I’m enjoying it and growing as an artiste beautifully in my own unique way.

2. You make a lot of music specifically for the ladies, why is this important for you?

I am a girl’s girl and a lady, so making music for the ladies is important to me for that mere fact. It’s embedded in me to go all out for the girls. It is also important for me to promote women showing love to each other.

3. How did your Magnum ambassadorship come about?

Firstly, I wanna say big up my Magnum family and memba fi tek charge! So, my Magnum ambassadorship started by Magnum Tonic Wine reaching out to my manager last November, and personally, it is one of the major highlights of my career because Magnum Tonic Wine is a staple to dancehall music and our Jamaican culture. I grew up knowing about Magnum, so now being able to somehow represent that with my brand is something I’m very very proud of.

4. How do you prepare for an event that you are booked for?

I always start with a prayer because God has to be at the forefront of it all. Then I prepare and go over the things I want to talk about and I drink a Magnum to give me that extra spark that I may need.

5. You’ll be performing at the Magnum Red Leather Roadshow next Friday in Portland. What can fans expect from you?

I’m always so excited to go on stage for fans, and even more so with my Magnum family. You know I always have to show out for my fans, especially my girlies, so as always, just expect good vibes and a really good performance.