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Gully Bop’s family not accepting donations; no date set for funeral

Published:Tuesday | November 21, 2023 | 12:07 AMYasmine Peru/Senior Gleaner Writer
Gully Bop performing at Caymanas Park on Saturday March 2, 2019.
Gully Bop performing at Caymanas Park on Saturday March 2, 2019.

Three weeks after the passing of dancehall deejay Gully Bop, his family is still unsure about a date for his funeral.

His UK-based manager, Jackie Hunte, explained, however, that the delay in setting a date had nothing to do with lack of funds and emphasised that the family is not in need of or accepting any form of financial assistance.

Hunte said that a date will be confirmed when Ann Marie Chamberlain, Bop’s sister, returns home from overseas.

“Bop was very close to his sister, and she is an integral part of the planning ... she will play a big role in everything. It’s only three weeks ... people don’t get buried so quickly,” Hunte said, adding that funeral arrangements were under way.

She confirmed that Neko Malcolm, Gully Bop’s son, would also be playing a part in his father’s final arrangements.

“It’s his father, so he is doing what must be done. The family does not want any donations. As a matter of fact, it was Ann Marie who asked me to put out a statement from the family that they don’t want any help with the funeral expenses. From my end as the manager, I was going to do that as well, so we just did one statement,” Hunte shared.

A statement posted on Bop’s social media accounts on November 3 reads: “Jackie Hunte, Gully Bop’s manager wanted to address certain issues regarding Gully Bop’s passing and ensure that the family’s wishes are clear. Ann Marie Chamberlain, Gully Bop’s sister and spokesperson for the family, emphasised that the family did not want any fundraising effort for his funeral expenses.”

The statement is credited to Bop’s mother, Miss Norma, Chamberlain, and Hunte.

Gully Bop, whose real name was Robert Lee Malcolm, died on October 31 after prolonged kidney-related health challenges. He had a chequered career which saw him rise from the gully to stardom, but the Body Specialist sensation was plagued by reckless spending habits and addiction to drugs. From popularity, Gully Bop reverted to near obscurity, only attracting headlines when he was ailing and in dire need of finances to assist with medication and other expenses.

Hunte, who said that she was hurting over Gully Bop’s death, sought to set the record straight about a kidney transplant that Gully Bop said he received a few years ago.

“He did not get a kidney transplant. I saw that all over the place, but it is not so ... I don’t know where that came from in the media, but Bop did not get a new kidney,” a dejected-sounding Hunte said.

Gully Bop is survived by his mother Miss Norma; siblings; his children, Nicky, Debreka, and Neko Malcolm; and grandchildren.