Tue | Oct 19, 2021
Stranger than Fiction

Businessman bans money tucked in braziers

Published:Thursday | July 29, 2021 | 7:20 AMBANG Bizarre, A Digital Integration & Marketing production

A businessman has taken a stand against customers paying with cash stashed in their bras.

Bedding salesman Michael Flynn has become frustrated with customers paying with money stored in their bras as temperatures soar in Dublin amid a heatwave and has put an "urgent" notice outside of his store to warn people against the unhygienic habit.

The note from Flynn - who is also known as Mattress Mick -  reads: "NO BRA MONEY. Due to increasing temperatures, and for our own personal safety, we will NOT be accepting any bra money. Sorry for any inconvenience (sic)"

He added on Facebook: "An URGENT alert in our #coolock store.

"Due to a soaring heatwave across Dublin and ongoing safe trading with social distancing, we would urge all customers not to pay us from their bras and keep your Euro notes in your purse or handbag at all times. Yours Mattress Mick (sic)"

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