Wed | Dec 8, 2021
Stranger than Fiction

Robots to make humans better lovers

Published:Thursday | July 29, 2021 | 7:24 AMBANG Bizarre, A Digital Integration & Marketing production

Sophisticated sex robots will make humans better lovers, an expert has predicted.

Simon Dube, who specialises in Erobotics - the study of erotic interaction between humans and machines - explained that a new breed of cyborgs will boost performance in the bedroom by making people "better erotic beings".

Dube says that robots will be able to recognise and understand our emotions, allowing people to safely "explore sexual fantasies" to determine their "sexual preferences".

He explained: "The main driver in people wanting to have sex and intimate relationships with machines is sexual curiosity and our pursuit of pleasure, as well as exploring new ways of having sex and our sexual fantasies.

"This doesn't then prevent people who like it from having sex with humans, but could instead compliment sexual relationships between humans."

Dube continued: "We need to stop thinking about our relationships with machines as just something we use - they can be designed to help us find out what our erotic preferences are.

"This technology can be used and designed to help us understand each other and improve the quality of our relationships with fellow humans."

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