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Stranger than Fiction

Golfing friends hit consecutive holes-in-one, beat 17 million to one odds

Published:Thursday | August 26, 2021 | 7:11 AMBANG Bizarre, A Digital Integration & Marketing production

Two golfing friends hit holes-in-one in consecutive shots on the same hole and overcame odds of 17 million to one.

David Giles achieved the feat at The Oaks Golf Club in York before his pal Chris Bunce did the exact same thing with the next tee shot.

The remarkable scenes took place on the seventh hole of the course as Giles and Bunce struck the ball 146 yards to achieve sporting glory.

Bunce has only been playing golf for a year and it was his first-ever hole-in-one.

Giles told The Sun newspaper: "When I got mine, my three playing partners were all as shocked and pleased as me. Little did we know what was about to happen with Chris next on the tee.

"It was unbelievable. We were all stunned. We were gobsmacked at what we’d had done.

"There was plenty of laughing, swearing and high fives all round." 

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