Tue | Jan 25, 2022
Stranger Than Fiction

Robot housekeepers and flying taxis will revolutionise the world in the next 15 years

Published:Wednesday | November 24, 2021 | 7:32 PMBANG Bizarre, A Digital Integration & Marketing production

A panel of experts has predicted that a variety of inventions will have changed the world by 2036 – including skin implants to monitor health and holographic teachers.

The analysts have also tipped that smart toilets will be able to analyse waste for signs of disease and have suggested that burger bars will be serving up protein-rich insect and algae snacks.

The panel, which includes the futurologist Dr Ian Pearson, made the predictions for the NatWest Future Businesses Report.

Their most popular prediction was robo-housekeepers to assist humans with menial chores.

Dr Pearson said: "What was clear to all of us was how a greater interaction with technology is going to revolutionise businesses and transform almost all industries."



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