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Published:Friday | June 24, 2022 | 7:26 AM
Rev. Dr Martin Luther King (centre) greeting the Rev A.C. Alexander just before the valedictory service in the Assembly Hall at the University of the West Indies on Sunday, June 20, 1965. With Dr King is Mr W.E. Gocking, chairman of the UWI chapel committee. Others in the reception line are the Rev D.W.F. Jelleyman, the Rev William Mayberry, Dr K.O. Laurence, and the Rev. F.R. Hazell. At left are Mr King and Dr Philip Sherlock, UWI Vice Chancellor.
Rev Dr Martin Luther King in dark glasses and Mrs King at the Palisadoes airport on Saturday, June 19, 1965. With them are Dr Philip Sherlock, UWI vice chancellor, third from left, and Senator the Hon Hugh Shearer, leader of government business in the Senate.
The Rev Dr Martin Luther King, the iconic leader of the civil rights movement in the United States, addresses a crowd at Jamaica's National Stadium.
Part of the large gathering that turned out at the National Stadium for the civic reception and presentation of the keys to the City of Kingston to the Rev Dr Martin Luther King, American civil rights leader, on Monday, June 21, 1965.
As Dr Martin Luther King left the stadium on Monday, June 21, 1965, hundreds mobbed the car and tried to get near to him. Here he shakes hands with a bearded man while others stretch out their hand towards him. At right, the crowds ran after the car with shouts of “Long Live Dr King!”

Dr Martin Luther King made a short trip to Jamaica to honour the life and works of Marcus Garvey. He attended several functions held in his honour, including one where he was given the keys to the city.